four votes of confidence in 48 hours – Time

four votes of confidence in 48 hours – Time
four votes of confidence in 48 hours – Time

Go on like this, with shots of confidence. Mario Draghi’s government proceeds quickly and collects with 413 in favor, 48 against and one abstention, the vote of the Chamber of Deputies on the second Green Pass decree.

A vote to which are added the four trusts that the government will place or have placed in the Senate within 48 hours. This is the government road map, illustrated in the conference of group leaders in Palazzo Madama. The first confidence was placed this afternoon on the reform of the civil process. The second two trusts will instead be placed tomorrow Wednesday 22 September on the reform of the criminal trial, already approved by the Chamber and towards the definitive go-ahead.

Finally, the last trust will be placed on the second Green pass decree, which expires on 5 October, approved at first reading by the Chamber where the government has placed the trust.

An armored path the one chosen by the government and emerged at the end of the Conference of the group leaders that gave rise to FdI. “In 48 hours the Italian government asks for 4 votes of confidence on sensitive topics such as criminal and civil justice and the green pass. Parliament is mortified. The opposition is unable to have its say, a truly worrying drift for ours democracy “, thundered the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, on the sidelines of a political initiative at the III Municipality of Rome in support of the center-right candidate for mayor, Enrico Michetti, running for the Capitol.

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