Prodi’s message that freezes the Pd: “The 120? There are …”

Prodi’s message that freezes the Pd: “The 120? There are …”
Prodi’s message that freezes the Pd: “The 120? There are …”

Speaking at the presentation of his book, “Strana vita la mia”, the former secretary of the dem Romano Prodi he commented on some of the hottest political issues, also being able to count on the presence of his trusty “dolphin” Enrico Letta.

Given some recent declarations, it is impossible not to return to the topic of the ventilated candidacy for the post of head of state. “Are the streets of the Quirinale unpredictable? No, in my case they are foreseen, not unpredictable. There aren’t any”, explains the so-called “professor” to the journalists present. “The 101, which were 120, in my opinion are still there and in my opinion they have had children and grandchildren”.

But what does Prodi think of the current political situation? With the Draghi-Mattarella pairing, and there could be no doubts about it given the strong pro-European positions of the former president of IRI, we are in an iron barrel. If we add Letta at the head of the dem to this, the future is really bright for the “professor”. “Mattarella President of the Republic, Draghi premier and Enrico secretary of the Democratic Party are in good shape “he says enthusiastically. However, some doubts remain about the reappointment of the current head of state:“Mattarella was and is a great president of the Republic. But if I read what Mattarella said, I think it will be difficult” Prodi comments. “Silent Sicilians don’t change their minds”.

Regarding the road currently traveled by Pd, on the other hand, the opinion seems to differ slightly from what was declared in the last issue. “It’s funny how the news goes: the headlines said ‘Prodi wand Letta’ and then there was no content”, sinks the former premier, who had actually “advised” his dolphin not to get stuck exclusively on social battles to broaden the consensus among the population (read Zan and Ius Soli law): “We simply agree that recovery must go hand in hand with a great boost of the economy and social solidarity”, Prodi glosses. “If the Democratic Party does not do it, who should do it? And Enrico is absolutely capable of doing it”.

The “poor” Enrico, who makes “serenity” of the second name, would also be sacrificing himself in the role of mediator between the internal currents of the Democratic Party and between his own party and the ambiguous grillina team, now a historical ally. “The role of federator is the role he is playing and it is his obligatory role”, comments Prodi. “You make the generator if you break the game of three-four people and start collecting. And this is doing. The problem is that it’s a job of a job and a toil such guys … Even with the Five Stars? who pillowcase? “, he adds, reiterating, this time, a concept already expressed in the last interview, when he used a term as a great baker.“Bread is made with the flour you have, there is a need. I made alliances with the effort of making them”, he explained to the Annunziatra referring to the grillini. After all, without alliances and compromises armchairs they are destined to slip away from behind.

On the industrial production of our country, however, the former president of the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction comments: “L’Go does not return. But the need to withdraw from the state was not replaced by a dynamism of private companies that we wanted “, says Prodi. “The result is that we no longer have any major manufacturing industry. Today’s government has regained a strong international image but there is no one sitting with the seven or eight that matter.”, conclude.

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