The front of anti-Green Pass companies is growing. NaturaSì’s choice: “We pay the swabs to the unvaccinated”

The front of anti-Green Pass companies is growing. NaturaSì’s choice: “We pay the swabs to the unvaccinated”
The front of anti-Green Pass companies is growing. NaturaSì’s choice: “We pay the swabs to the unvaccinated”

At the height of the debate on the mandatory Green pass in the workplace, the president of the NaturaSì group, a supermarket chain specializing in organic products, makes its way through the many positions. For the No vax employees who work within the group based in San Vendemiano (Treviso), the company pays for antigenic or molecular tests alternative to the vaccine.

Green Pass: to work with the certificate or goodbye salary, but the place remains

by Viola Giannoli

September 16, 2021

“We will contribute to the cost of the tampons required by law,” writes the president Fabio Brescacin, in a long letter sent to all collaborators. The premise leaves no room for doubt: “We are certain of one thing, individual freedom”.

Brescacin, 66, president of EcorNaturaSì, was a pioneer of “organic” with the first shop opened in Conegliano in 1985. Today he is at the helm of a group that has 2,700 employees and has a turnover of 375 million euros. The EcorNaturaSì Group was born in 2009 from the merger of Ecor, the largest wholesale distributor of organic and biodynamic products, and NaturaSì, the brand of organic supermarkets.

“We as a company do not want to take a stand in this Babylon of deafening and contradictory voices, now it is very difficult to distinguish truth from lies, reality from simple opinion”, writes the president in the letter to the employees. A very controversial position, which goes against the indications of experts, the government and the Region.

In Veneto, both the governor have already lined up in favor of the Green pass Luca Zaia, who has decided to pay tampons, is the president of Confindustria Enrico Carraro, as well as many other entrepreneurs who believe in science and vaccines as the only way to restart. But the issue is hot, proof of this is the tug-of-war in progress at Electrolux for access to the canteen, with protests and intermittent strikes.

Green Pass, here are all the answers to the doubts about Green Certification for work

by Michele Bocci, Viola Giannoli

September 17, 2021

Scientists reject the 72-hour swab: “There is a risk of contagion”

by Michele Bocci

September 17, 2021

“We try to defend individual freedom – insists Brescacin – with all our strength, so as not to enter the mechanism of struggle and division between people that this situation is triggering”.

“We are in an era in which each person has the possibility and the duty to decide on his own life and responsibility towards himself, nature and the human community”, Brescacin writes. “We have decided, respecting everyone’s freedom, and to avoid discrimination in the workplace, to allow everyone to carry out their duties regularly in the company. The president recommends:” In the company, discretion and respect for any choice, every person in freedom feels like doing, and we would like it to be everyone’s commitment: to avoid entering into a mechanism of judgment, discrimination, especially of struggle, which is one of the major problems that this virus is triggering in relationships between people “.

“The company will jointly evaluate with the managers of the stores the implementation of the most appropriate tools to guarantee, in maximum safety, access to work in NaturaSì stores, respecting and protecting both the choices of workers and customers, supporting the tests at the authorized centers “concludes Brescacin.

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