“I could hear him talking to himself, he was screaming even at night”

September 21, 2021 6:50 pm

“He had problems and they were noticeable, but no one thought he would harm a child”, says the woman at “Afternoon Five”

“It was strange: he was walking, suddenly screaming that they were beating him and they wanted to kill him, but he was alone.” To speak is the neighbor of Mariano Cannio, the 38-year-old accused of the murder of little Samuele, who fell from the balcony of his house on Friday 17 September in Naples, in via Foria.

As told by the woman to the microphones of “Afternoon Five”, Mariano used to scream even at night, despite being alone, and was subject to behaviors that made the whole neighborhood suspicious: “The whole neighborhood called him for cleaning because they said he was really good – he continues – He had problems and they were noticed , however, no one would ever have thought that it could harm a child. “


hear talking screaming night

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