“Rome, capital of hydrogeological instability, appeal to mayoral candidates”

“Rome, capital of hydrogeological instability, appeal to mayoral candidates”
“Rome, capital of hydrogeological instability, appeal to mayoral candidates”

ROMA – “Rome is the capital with the greatest hydrogeological risk in Europe, threatened by about 400 landslides: a thousand hectares are affected, on which over 400,000 inhabitants live ”. To relaunch the theme for the next few days of the election campaign is Massimo Gargano, general director of the National Association of Consortia for the Management and Protection of the Territory and Irrigation Waters (Anbi), that proposes, also for the capital, what is already in place, with general satisfaction in Florence and Milan.

“In these two cities – he explains – the self-government function of the territory has been enhanced, carried out by the local reclamation consortia, entrusting them with the hydraulic structure of important urban water pipes, such as the Arno river in Florence and the Navigli in Milan. The result was not only an efficient maintenance of the riverbeds, but their recovery as places of social use improving, for example, the practicability of the banks. These experiences are also present in other, numerous locations and which will be the first protagonists of the National Irrigation Remediation Week, which will be held throughout Italy from 25 September to 3 October next. Why not do the same for the 700 kilometers of canals that cross Rome and the Tiber River, whose waters are now healthy again, thanks to the network of purifiers built over the years? ”

“Thanks to the Authority of the District Basin of the Central Apennines – recalls the CEO of Anbiso-called lakes of tranquility are being designed upstream of the city, designed to retain 60 million cubic meters of water, before they pour into the city center “.

Gargano concludes, appealing to all candidates for mayor: “In the face of the climate crisis, it is necessary that everyone do their part, putting in place the best resources to avoid being dictated by the advance of calamitous events, already suffered by Rome and that annually they cause damage to the country for more than 7 billion euros, in addition to the incalculable toll in human lives ”.


Rome capital hydrogeological instability appeal mayoral candidates

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