Bus Abruzzo – Rome, Sangritana races are back in YOURS

Bus Abruzzo – Rome, Sangritana races are back in YOURS
Bus Abruzzo – Rome, Sangritana races are back in YOURS

The Regional Council, in line with the new regulatory framework and due to an increase in efficiency levels on the prevailing activity of the in-house company YOUR spa, approved an act with which the Regional Council is asked to approve the strategic direction for the acquisition of the business branch of its subsidiary Sangritana Spa as well as to define strategic guidelines aimed at growing the company for the period 2021-2025. With this operation, TUA re-internalizes the activities relating to the performance of road transport services to the market. Specifically, those to and from Rome, currently managed by Sangritana. The new regulatory framework allows the in-house company to also perform market services provided that more than 80% of the turnover relates to the main activity of Local Public Transport and TUA spa adopts separate accounting systems. This proposal is also consistent with the guidelines contained in the Regional Economy and Finance Document 2022-2024.

Green light to the remodeling of the interventions and to the reprogramming of the economies of the Cohesion Development Fund 2000-2006 and to the extension to 31 December 2023 of the final deadline for reporting the expenditure. The interventions are those relating to the Framework Program Agreement on the completion of the Val Pescara freight terminal and the Marsica freight handling center.

The scheme of Agreement between the Abruzzo Region, the Single Abruzzese Transport Company (TUA) SpA and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA for entrusting the latter with the essential functions provided for by the reference legislation, thus guaranteeing the separation of services provided for by the legislator. The Legislative Decree of 15 July 2015 identifies, in fact, the railway infrastructure manager (such as any body or company responsible for the operation, maintenance and renewal of the railway infrastructure of a network as well as for participation in its development) and also identifies the so-called essential functions, namely the adoption of decisions relating to the allocation of railway paths and the adoption of decisions relating to the imposition of charges for the use of the infrastructure, including the calculation and collection of charges. Furthermore, the decree in question provides that the managers of regional railway infrastructures are legally distinct entities from the company that performs the transport service on the same network and, in the event that this condition does not exist, also provides that the managers proceed to entrust the essential functions to a third party, independent in legal and decision-making terms from railway companies. Therefore, the Lanciano-S.Vito line, for which the TUA company currently performs the dual role of manager of the regional infrastructure as well as a railway company operating rail transport services, is subject to the obligations connected with the implementation of this Legislative Decree and therefore it is necessary to proceed, through the resolution, to the draft Agreement.

The Board, for the year 2021, has assigned to public and private consultants, in the proportions established by the law, the annual financing provided for by regional law n.21 of 1978 equal to 500 thousand euros. In light of the critical issues related to the Covid pandemic, as agreed with the representatives of the public and private consultants, the macro-areas of activities already planned for 2020 were reconfirmed for the year 2021, in a logic of emergency continuity, resources are intended primarily as dedicated.

Approved policies and methods of use of the resources of the Fund to support the role of care and assistance of the family caregiver for the years 2018-2019-2020. A total of 1 million 632 thousand 720 euros were allocated to the Abruzzo region. In this regard, the Region has integrated the ministerial fund with additional resources: 280 thousand euros relating to regional resources and 500 thousand following the reprogramming of the 2017/2020 Cohesion Fund. This deed approves an intervention plan for a total cost of 2 million 412 thousand 720 euros; in addition, the specificities of the interventions, the priorities to be guaranteed and the methods of transferring resources to the District Social Areas were approved.

Approved the regional draft law governing the regional tourism system. The intent is to bring together in a single legislative text all the regional regulations that regulate the individual subjects, carrying out the normal regulatory maintenance as regards the more strictly anachronistic aspects.

Regional resources identified and allocated to be assigned to the leading Municipalities of the River Contracts for the purpose of progressing the activities and also established requirements, criteria, priorities and methods for assigning the contribution. The objective is to promote the advancement of activities on river contracts in order to reach the effective availability of technical-economic feasibility projects that can be financed under the intervention programs being defined (PNRR, Community Programming 2021- 2027). Soon, a specific Notice will be published addressed to the Municipalities so that they can submit an application for a contribution for the completion / implementation of the Action Plan and the consequent planning of the technical and economic feasibility of the interventions envisaged in the strategic document, for a maximum amount of 50 thousand euros per Common.

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