“I want to adopt him and raise him as my son”

September 20, 2021 2:45 pm

The sister of the mother of the child who survived the massacre of the cable car breaks the silence: “For him it is better to stay in Israel”. The child’s grandmother: “We will do everything to make him stay here”

“I’m just focused on Eitan right now. And I don’t mind everything around,” added Gali Peleg in an interview with The print. The 29-year-old, who had been silent since her father Shmuel Peleg – breaking Italian law – returned to Israel with the child, adds: “I would like to believe that we will be able to reach some agreement, an understanding. We are ready to put everything together. aside. We want to show them (to the Biran, ed) that it is better for Eitan to stay here, as his parents wanted, who always told him that they would soon be back in Israel “.

The child’s maternal aunt points out: “I’m focused on Eitan now. I want to honor my sister’s wishes now, we had a deal.” And he concludes: “I want to adopt him and raise him as my son. My sister was also my best friend. Eitan is the thing that matters most to me, the only thing that interests me and my family.” And in the end he assures: “For him I will do everything. We will do everything”.

Even the grandmother: “By any means we will make him stay in Israel” – “We are preparing by all means necessary for Eitan to remain here in Israel, as a Jew, in an Israeli school and in an Israeli environment and with the warm and loving family he has known from birth.” It has
known as Esther (Etty) Peleg, the child’s grandmother in an interview broadcast by TV N12. In the same, Esther Peleg also called “nonsense” the accusations of “brainwashing” made by the family of aunt Aya Biran-Nirko (custodian) and her lawyers about the treatment that Eitan would be undergoing in her stay with her grandfather. Shmuel Peleg who brought him from Italy to Israel. “From the moment he returned here – explained Esther Peleg – he is happy. This has been his world for 6 years. Because this is a warm and loving family compared to the family in Italy who met with him at most once a week. “. The lady – in the face of the hearing to discuss the case scheduled at the Tel Aviv Court on 23 September which could confirm the custody of Aya Biran – then hoped that “in the end even the Israeli courts will understand” what the good “for Eitan. Finally he explained that the family has obtained “permission from the Municipality of Tel Aviv to enroll him in school and everyone is waiting for him”.

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