there are no alternates and lessons will be reduced until December

there are no alternates and lessons will be reduced until December
there are no alternates and lessons will be reduced until December

Staggered admissions, intermittent schedules and a few alternates. This is how afternoon shifts and remedial lessons are skipped: one or two hours of lessons less, per day, from kindergarten to middle school. The same goes for high school, where the reduction from 60 to 50 minutes of the first two hours is repeated every morning, but in some cases even every hour. The school in Rome therefore began with reduced hours and will remain in many institutes until the end of the year. The appointment of alternates is still in progress and it is difficult to say when the algorithm will unravel.

Short lectures – Full-time elementary schools, in most cases, do not arrive at 4:30 pm as expected but stop at 2 pm With enormous inconvenience for families struggling with always different timetables, a problem that concerns the institutions who have a greater number of alternates. In fact, 2,800 chairs are still empty throughout the Region and, of these, 1,600 in the Capital. The same script is repeated for the support teachers without whom the school organization cannot take off. Last year, the appointments came after January: in that case because the system of GPS lists (Provincial rankings of alternates) sent the system into a tailspin. “In these days the schools are summoning the temporary workers for the so-called” short “substitutes waiting for the right holders to arrive – explains Cristina Costarelli, president of the National Association of Headmasters of Lazio – and will arrive from the second round of calls from the provincial rankings. The first, unfortunately, did not bring the necessary teachers to the chair to start with full timetables. In the meantime, the short alternates often do not accept the replacement because they are waiting for the annual call ».

And without substitutes, it is difficult, if not impossible, to organize face-to-face teaching with the full timetable. Everyone provides as they can: «In my school – explains Valeria Sentili, principal of the Francesca Morvillo Comprehensive Institute – there are still several teachers missing, including many on support. For now the hours are reduced, we are organizing a rotation of teachers who make the hours available to cover the empty chairs. A sort of bank of hours. In this way we can bring the lessons up to 15. Then we will see when new teachers arrive ». Once the second round of calls from GPS has been completed, the institutes will be able to summon the alternates from the rankings of the institute and only at that point will the calls which will then be definitive. But the technical times are long.

The calendar – Not to mention that in Rome the state schools will stop as a polling station for the municipal elections of 3 and 4 October. And in the case of the second round, also on 17 and 18 October. There will also be the feast of November 1st and the long weekend of December 8th which, in fact, will halve the second week of December. Calendar in hand it is likely that the full time reset in all classes will take place no earlier than the end of the year. Especially in schools which, even today, are without ten or twelve teachers.



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