Whirlwind in Corte Palasio: uncovered roofs, damage and fear for families

Corte Palasio (Lodi), 19 September 2021 – Roofs uncovered and firefighters at work. Great fear around 15 for the residents of Pallasian Court. In the village of 1,500 inhabitants, not far from the capital Lodi, this afternoon one shot down tornado which violently hit the area. Obvious damage to some houses.

There are several on the spot fire brigade teams of the command of Lodi. However, the great fear remains for the residents affected not only by the strong wind, but also by heavy rain e in some areas hailstorm. About fifteen families in difficulty. The mayor of Corte Palasio, Claudio Manara, also spoke. The budget, however, risks becoming heavy. In the next few hours it will be possible to better understand if the houses are still viable.

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