Castroni’s endorsement arrives for Calenda: “He is a successful leader”

Castroni’s endorsement arrives for Calenda: “He is a successful leader”
Castroni’s endorsement arrives for Calenda: “He is a successful leader”

Two weeks after the vote and on day 335 of his electoral campaign, as he wanted to emphasize on social media, for Carlo Calenda the endorsement of one of the “shops” that made the history of Rome has arrived: Castroni. Coffee and food and wine in the heart of the Eternal City since 1932, a point of reference for all Romans and for those in search of quality and excellence. For ninety years in Rome: for this Roberto Castroni, owner of the ancient business, “As a Roman citizen and entrepreneur”, he wanted to have his say on the future of the city. This morning the meeting with Carlo Calenda in the historic store in via Cola di Rienzo with the public declaration of support for the candidacy for mayor of the leader of Action.

Castroni’s endorsement arrives for Calenda

the reasons i a long letter: “There are problems that only those who live in a specific place know in depth, know the causes, the possible remedies, and even those who might be able to put them into practice. Here’s why, when choosing a mayor – writes Roberto Castroni – it is essential to choose the person rather than the party. The candidate who seems to us the most suitable and capable of managing, governing and solving problems for his history, for his relationships, for his intentions. I am an entrepreneur and as such I tend to analyze situations, study the details, invest and make choices on projects and people who have the potential to lead to a positive outcome. And as a true Roman, a lost lover of his own city, I cannot help but be disappointed and discouraged by retracing the history of the last few years, of the last elections: it seems that all the parties have engaged in looking for candidates in some way inadequate, almost as if they wanted to lose, leaving to others the honor and the burden, especially the burden, of administering a city as beautiful as it is problematic. To put it in the Roman style, it seems that for a long time no one has wanted to ‘put their face’ on it and this means that they have not had respect for the city and its citizens ”.

The historic Castroni workshop votes Calenda: “He is a successful leader and capable administrator”

Then the reference to the present and the look at the next municipal elections, those of 3 and 4 October. “I was favorably impressed by Carlo Calenda’s candidacy right from the start for this very reason: he took the field first, he got involved, forcing all parties to confront his values, values ​​from my point of view as much as ever. important and adequate. Romano, successful leader, capable administrator, what strikes me is the deep-seated love that Calenda is showing for the city, the strong will to dedicate himself to this ‘messianic’ task; yes, messianic, because, we well know the amount of problems, difficulties, quarrels, let’s call them ‘trouble’, which will go to take on to try to bring our city back to the level of the largest capitals of Europe and the world. The place that Rome deserves and must have. Being mayor of Rome is a role of great visibility and prestige, that’s why – Castroni continues – it must be covered by a person who has the ability, but also the passion, to do so, restoring centrality and decorum to the capital ”.

Hence the appeal to the Romans: “Let them go to the polls to decide the fate of this incomparable city of ours (and one who has traveled the world for study and business tells you so), so that they can vote not only for ideology or duty, but evaluating which is the best choice for our Eternal City “.

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