Berlusconi, Renzi: “Psychiatric expertise is persecution”

Berlusconi, Renzi: “Psychiatric expertise is persecution”
Berlusconi, Renzi: “Psychiatric expertise is persecution”

“I have not seen Berlusconi since January 2015 and I have never talked to him about Quirinale. Of legal matters, yes, no other. I remember that Berlusconi has never voted to trust my government and that I am proud to have elected Sergio Mattarella, when the dialogue started with the well-known pact of the Nazarene was broken “. Matteo Renzi, interviewed by Barbara Jerkov in Siena presenting ‘Controcorrente’, thus expresses himself on the rumors related to an alleged meeting with Silvio Berlusoni during the summer.

The Cav, as is known, has to deal with the request for a psychiatric expertise in the Ruby ter trial. “Berlusconi’s psychiatric report is incredible: it is right to check if he is sick or not, but asking for such an expert opinion takes on the shape of a useless, coarse provocation”, says Renzi.

“All you can do is confirm that in recent years there has been a persecution: I could not define otherwise the psychiatric report for an 85-year-old man – he adds -. It is right that Berlusconi presents an appeal, and to the left I say: the time will come for give a political judgment on his affair without trying to fight it through the courts “.


Berlusconi Renzi Psychiatric expertise persecution

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