Palermo solves a mathematical equation that has been debated for 20 years: the University takes his course away

That work Tulone, reports Republic, he had made it, together with two colleagues from the universities of Moscow and Chicago. With a curriculum entirely internal to the university of his city that has gone through the consolidation of three years of co-doctorate at Lomonosov in Moscow, then refinements of knowledge in Austin, Texas, by the future winner of the so-called Nobel Prize for Mathematics Alessio Figalli . Tulone, the 49-year-old has been involved in teaching since 2005, when he won the competition as a permanent researcher (the second in which he participated).

He has lectured in mathematics in his department, basically, but was called in for replacements in Engineering, Physics, Biology. Last May, the University Council’s proposal to re-entrust him with the Mathematical Analysis 2 module of the more general degree course was initially accepted, but quickly, with a second secret vote and without written motivation, teaching was withdrawn for be assigned – “a more unique than rare case”, he argues – to a newly hired full professor, already in charge of other courses.

Tulone has always defined that act “an academic spite” and it is striking that from next year, with the prospect of international recognition, a university deprives itself of the lessons of a scholar hosted for his intuition by the journal Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. The researcher says: “I love teaching, I consider it my second aptitude after research. The only explanation I got from the dean of the department of the University of Palermo is that it was impossible not to put another willingness to vote by recommending me to collect mine for Mathematical Analysis 2 to avoid embarrassment. In truth, the chosen professor confessed to me that it was the department itself that pushed her to an antagonistic candidacy to mine. “


Palermo solves mathematical equation debated years University takes

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