Because this is not the usual barber shop

Because this is not the usual barber shop
Because this is not the usual barber shop

I belong to a world where the analyst’s bed was located at the barber’s and neuroses were answered with passion“. Ettore Scola most likely would have taken a seat on one of the armchairs of Mr. San in via Doninzetti 2 (here all the info), the new barbershop in Milan where vintage taste meets the flavor of the East. The hair cut and face care, inside the new store launched by Sebastiano Liso together with the designer Andrea Incontri and the skilled hands of Rocco Siliberto, perfectly reflects the taste for a dip in the past linked to the typical rituals of Japan. An oasis in the middle of the city where the customer is sure to find a staff entirely dedicated to facial care.

It is not the usual barber

It is not the usual barber. And the reasons are many. First of all, behind Signor San there is a very precise idea, a sophisticated project that seeks to satisfy the ever-growing demand for a place to take care of beard and hair but within a bubble of total relax. “We wanted this return to the origins to rediscover the pleasure of a stop at the barber. A place to find yourself taking a break from the whirlwind of everyday life“explains Sebastiano Liso. And again:”In our store there is also great attention to the products that accompany each treatment. The watchword is glass and no waste while respecting the environment“. Hair and beard care meet the essence of lavender and the scent of sweet almond. The East is intertwined with the Italian tradition of barbershop.

Shaving and massages

The idea of ​​this store was born after an experience in Japan. The attention to spaces and furnishings but also the possibility of relaxing with massages combine Italian professionalism for body care with the concept of beauty that comes from the East“, says Incontri. There are three types of massages: anti-fall, relaxation and nourishing. But one of the elements that make Signor San a place to absolutely try is the shaving. The Italian one lasts about 20 minutes. The treatment is accompanied by a pre-shave cream, by a warm cloth placed on the face before and by shaving. Everything ends with the application of a disinfectant after shave. It does not end here. The “Signor San luxury shave” treatment is a real moment of meditation. It lasts about 40 minutes with three passes with pre-shave oil pack and warm cloth. Then the face balm, relaxing massage and final fresh cloth. Among the novelties there is also the “Little gentelman” cut, reserved for children and teenagers under 14 years. A place for all ages where the customer finds himself immersed in a space of relaxing colors accompanied by furniture in which the protagonists are the seats signed by Takara Belmont.

Japanese rigor

Japanese rigor then do the rest: it ensures essentiality and “rest” from the chaos of the city that runs. Milan has found its point of balance. Signor San is a ritual that becomes an integral part of everyday life, the classic “fixed appointment” in the heart of Milan to make peace with one’s look and with oneself. And after discovering Mr. San, try to follow Agent Gibbs’ rules: apart from changing barber, all promises must be kept.


usual barber shop

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