terrifying prophecy, what will overwhelm Italy – Libero Quotidiano

terrifying prophecy, what will overwhelm Italy – Libero Quotidiano
terrifying prophecy, what will overwhelm Italy – Libero Quotidiano

Antonella Viola come Alberto Zangrillo. “We are already out of the pandemic. We have woken up to a new day in which we live with a new virus and consequently we should use the masks indoors every now and then, we should use the green passes for a while longer, but we had a normal summer, we are here to chat quietly “. For the immunologist at the University of Padua it is only a coexistence with Covid, because we are far from living what we experienced months ago.” We must not continue to think that we are still in an emergency, because otherwise the real emergency will become pandemic anxiety in people “.

Intercepted by the Ansa, the expert acquits all those virologists who preside over television programs. If we have achieved a high percentage of vaccination, in fact, it is also thanks to those who “have been there every day to say that vaccines are safe, they do not modify the DNA and so on”. And again: “Science has always been absent from televisions, from newspapers, from communication and we paid dearly for this because we found ourselves completely unprepared when the pandemic broke out: we did not have a pandemic plan, the masks “.

But then something changed and the scientists became real stars, which cannot be given up. And even in this case there was no lack of errors: “There were different positions in the first phase of the pandemic because we did not know exactly what was happening. Science is doubtful, even more so with regard to something completely new”. Viola points the finger at some colleagues: “Someone has been given too much space. The problem is that it was the pandemic was spectacular“, he concludes without naming names.

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terrifying prophecy overwhelm Italy Libero Quotidiano

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