Italian specialties come in a sandwich

Italian specialties come in a sandwich
Italian specialties come in a sandwich

Sandwich with lasagna, sandwich with orecchiette with turnip tops, with octopus, with meatballs in sauce, with parmigiana. And then with the aubergines, with the Vicenza-style cod. There is a place in Milan where you can eat each of the cult dishes of Italy, which become a side dish between two slices of bread. These are the proposals for “serious” stomachs of Gastronomia Ninin, via Napo Torriani 10, which has chosen to offer sandwiches with typical Italian products.

The restaurant opened a few days ago in the Central Station area. «Lhe idea of ​​using typical Italian recipes as a filling for sandwiches stems from the desire to allow the more daring to risk combinations between bread and bread, thus giving the opportunity to play with a tradition that unites all Italians, that of the sandwich.»Explained the founder Maria Volpi.

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Italian specialties sandwich

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