40 million specimens exterminated with insecticide- Corriere.it

40 million specimens exterminated with insecticide- Corriere.it
40 million specimens exterminated with insecticide- Corriere.it

When he went to check the hives a few mornings ago, he found a massacre: tens of millions of bees exterminated during the night with an insecticide and, on the spot, a tube and a spout used for poisoning. The incident happened a few days ago in a specialized company in Tabellano, a hamlet of Suzzara in the province of Mantua: this is the land used by the “Tenuta Ritiro” company, which is based in Gavazzana, in the province of Alessandria, and is owned by the entrepreneur and beekeeper Giacomo Acerbi, who among other things has Mantuan origins. The Piedmontese company owns thousands of hives scattered throughout the country and is a European leader in the field of queen bees. The economic damage is tens of thousands of euros, but the environmental damage is much greater. In fact, it is known that bees are a backbone of the entire ecosystem and of the food chain. To give the measure of the massacre committed at night is Acerbi himself: all one hundred hives in the agricultural plot of Suzzara were sprayed with insecticide and 40 million bees were killed.

The investigations

The reason for the gesture remains a mystery. A stunt? A warning? Unfair competition (and obvious crime) by some other beekeeper? The investigations are being carried out by the carabinieri of the Suzzara station, to which the manager of the hives, Michele Palazzani, filed a complaint immediately after discovering what had happened. The forest police and the Ats staff also intervened on the spot. Now the hose and the sprayer are in the hands of a laboratory of the carabinieri in Bologna which is working to identify the substance used to carry out the slaughter of bees and check whether other details useful for investigations are detectable. «Unfortunately – explains Acerbi – as well as enormous damage to our company, it is also enormous damage to the ecosystem. Exterminating 40 million bees is a vile and shameful gesture, because bees are the basis of the food chain and ecosystem that affects everyone. I am convinced, however, that this gesture was committed by some colleague: no one, who is not in the sector, would ever think of going to spray a hundred hives with poison in the middle of the night, when the bees are all inside the hive. Among other things, a job done with precision and by hands that obviously knew where to go. And one cannot think that this massacre was caused by a pesticide used in the fields: in this case, in fact, also bees would have died outside the hives and during the day. Instead in this case they all died inside the hives: at the bottom of each hive we found 5 kilos of dead bees. This is the measure of the massacre that has been carried out. Really a massacre – concludes Acerbi -, even more serious because it is evidently committed by a colleague who, as such, is perfectly aware of the importance of bees for nature and for everyone’s nutrition “.

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million specimens exterminated insecticide Corriereit

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