Janitor without green pass still enters school, third fine – Liguria

Janitor without green pass still enters school, third fine – Liguria
Janitor without green pass still enters school, third fine – Liguria

Employee close to suspension at the Ruffini Institute of Imperia

She entered the school without a green pass even today, for the third consecutive time, she stamped and was again dismissed and sanctioned with a 400 euro fine. It is Laura Muratore, the unvaccinated janitor of the Ruffini Higher Technical Institute in Imperia, who claims her right to work, despite not having a green certification. “Today, however, it was not necessary to notify the police – comments the head teacher Luca Ronco – as she accepted the expulsion order that I handed her. I also told her that otherwise she would have been denounced for interruption of public service “.
At the opening of the schools, last Wednesday, the police had to intervene, because the school assistant did not want to leave; yesterday the carabinieri. According to the provisions of the protocol, the school employee without a green pass is obliged to report to school for five days in a row in order not to incur the complaint of unjustified absence: he must announce that he does not have the certificate and withdraw the consequent provision of removal. On the fifth day, in this case next Monday, the suspension is triggered.
The woman instead wanted to enter the school by stamping the card. At that point she was stopped and fined. He therefore received three sanctions of 400 euros each in three days for a total of 1200 euros.

“I had Covid, so I am entitled to get the green pass. Am I fined? I do not know that I have been sanctioned, but if so, I would not pay, because I have not killed anyone”. Speaking is Laura Muratore. The head teacher Luca Ronco has already sanctioned her three times (but the report is not delivered immediately) and in two cases he has also requested the intervention of the police, because the woman refused to leave the building, after having stamped the card. “I was sick in mid-August – she says – but when I took the swab, it was negative”. Muratore claims to have subsequently also carried out a serological blood test, which would reveal the presence of antibodies that testify to the disease. “I am entitled to the green pass – he adds – and now I am evaluating with my lawyer what actions to take”. The janitor claims to have requested, without obtaining it, home assistance during the illness. The Asl1 Imperiese makes it known that it is available to accept any requests from the school assistant, after sending the documentation. If the requirements are met, the health company will work as an intermediary with the Ministry of Health to obtain the green pass.


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Janitor green pass enters school fine Liguria

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