disastrous consequences – Libero Quotidiano

disastrous consequences – Libero Quotidiano
disastrous consequences – Libero Quotidiano

Coronavirus outbreaks are around the corner, especially around schools. In Turin, parents showed up to accompany their two children to class, although they were forced to stay at home in quarantine pending the result of the swab done 48 hours earlier. Result: all the classmates of the children have been placed in solitary confinement and will now be obliged to the Dad, distance learning, just one day from the start of the lessons because then the family unit tested positive.

The children attend two different classes of the same institute, the paritaria bilingual Saint Denis School, and they are both in elementary school. The parents decided to send them to school anyway, not respecting the ASL prescriptions that impose quarantine and for this reason they were reported to the Prosecutor’s Office for irresponsible behavior. Defining the act of mum and dad as “imprudent is an understatement”, commented the head teacher Gabriella Ghione.

The beginning of the school brought with it, as was unfortunately widely expected, an increase in suspected cases and quarantines. The two classes of Saint Denis, in fact, are added to the other seven classes ended up in isolation in the Piedmontese capital alone. Fortunately, the distance learning lessons did not show any disservices or repercussions. Unfortunately, Dad’s experience gained in the second part of the 2019-20 school year and for very long months in the 2020-21 one was also useful for this.

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disastrous consequences Libero Quotidiano

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