Porta Romana Bella, the old Milan is renewed in the mural dedicated to the neighborhood

Porta Romana Bella, the old Milan is renewed in the mural dedicated to the neighborhood
Porta Romana Bella, the old Milan is renewed in the mural dedicated to the neighborhood

The last one popped up on a wall of “Porta Romana bella” and opened up a world – at least to the “Milanese of a certain age” as Beppe Sala himself recalled – evoking one of the most famous popular songs celebrating the city that was and the voice of Nanni Svampa. The next one, on the other hand, will color a corner of the Corvetto. These are the murals that, from Bovisa to Lambrate, from Città Studi to Lorenteggio, have the ambition to give a name to each neighborhood to “greet not only the residents, but also those who pass or visit the area”.

This is exactly how the project is called: “A name in every neighborhood”. An initiate of YesMilano, the official website for the promotion of the city, developed in collaboration with the Art office in the public spaces of the Municipality and supported by the Community Foundation, which intertwines different objectives. Because, of course, at the base of everything there is the desire, also from a tourist point of view, to (re) launch not only the center and the most famous monuments of Milan, but the entire network of its districts. Small cities in the city with their own history and a precise DNA, which guard treasures and are warmed by a sense of belonging at times very strong of the inhabitants. Not only an urban marketing operation, therefore, but also a way to increase the desire to recognize oneself in a place. To go home. This, at least, in the intentions of Palazzo Marino. Which added another key ingredient to the mix: art. And it is no coincidence that the Porta Romana mural was born during the days of Art Week. To sign it, Marco Goran Romano, at his first mural production, flanked by the most expert Orticanoodles.

Here it is, the tour of Milan in its neighborhoods that find a name. It has already happened to Bovisa, with the mural by Andrea Gasparro, aka Sorte, created in via Cosenz 11, during the Poli Urban Colors exhibition, which for ten days colored the area with street art along the perimeter of the Politecnico campus. And it happened at Portello – the artist: Rendo, defined as one of the pioneers of Milanese and Italian graffiti – not on a wall, but on a spiral staircase in the square Hatch, at the corner of via Ignazio Gardella and via Aldo Rossi.

And if an adjective was enough for Porta Romana to recall the soul of the neighborhood, the genius loci of City Studies it is symbolized by the letters drawn by the designer Serena Confalonieri and created by Orticanoodles that make up the name of the neighborhood. It is thus, to say, that the two “T” “are inspired by the mosaics of the buildings of old Milan and by the friezes of the villas of the Twenties, that the” A “takes up the entrance to the Faculty of Architecture, that the” C ” the staff of Asclepius, the god of medicine, recalls an open book or the “S”. The accent, on the other hand, represents “a drop of blood” precisely because the work in via Bassini 26 extends on the facade of the building and on the wall fence of the Avis headquarters.

Finally, in via dei Gigli 9, in the heart of the Villaggio dei Fiori, also the Lorenteggio got its name, with a mural curated by Stradeart Urban Gallery and made by urban artist Napal. Next stop: Corvetto.

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