The best pads for those who need the green pass

News day for green pass e tamponi: likewise the new rules for working, introduced by the latest decree approved by the Council of Ministers, also change the standards e i prices for tampons.

In the same decree, in fact, there is talk of tampons at controlled prices, with the extension of the pharmacies that until 31 December 2021 will have to administer the tests at reduced prices. But be careful: because while the Council of Ministers was discussing the new decree, the procedures for the conversion into law of the green pass bis decree, the one that introduced the obligation of the green pass to enter school.

Several amendments were approved, but the most important is the one that poses an important one difference among the various types of pads. In some cases, in fact, these will allow you to extend the duration of the green pass.

New duration for the green pass obtained with a buffer

From October 15, 2021 the green pass will become mandatory for 15 million Italians: many workers – both in the public and private sectors – involved in the new provision. These must have the certification to be able to work: without this you risk the Suspension from work and – for those who continue to go to work regularly – a sanction that goes on 600 to 1,500 euros.

There is time to comply and get vaccinated by that date, but there are people who could still stay in their position by deciding not to get vaccinated. And then the only solution would be that of the swab.

In this regard, it is important to explain that we are going towards a change of rules. Today, in fact, in addition to the vaccine and being cured of Covid, it is possible to obtain green certification by presenting a negative buffer. In this case, however, the duration of the green pass is very short, as it is sunny 48 ore.

However, in the meetings that the Government has held in recent days with representatives of local authorities, there has been a request for extend the duration of the green pass obtained as a result of negative swab. A proposal that Minister Speranza said he would investigate with the CTS.

News of the last hour is that this proposal should actually be followed up. But it will not be the government that will introduce it, but the Parliament. It is the Constitutional Affairs Commission, in fact, that has approved an amendment which extends the duration of the green pass following a buffer.

For official status, of course, we will have to wait for the approval of both houses of Parliament.

What are the best pads for those who need the green pass

Attention: the novelty does not apply to all tampons, but only those with molecular test. To understand better, we refer you to our guide with all the differences between the various types of tampons.

In detail, the amendment establishes that from the execution of the molecular test the green pass is issued with a duration of no more than 48, but of 72 ore. This test, therefore, is the improve that those who need to have the green pass can do and not only because it is among those that offers a more precise diagnosis: in this case, in fact, the certification it will last for an extra day.

With the rapid antigen test, on the other hand, the duration of the green pass does not change: it will always be of 48 ore.

Buffers: controlled prices

As anticipated, the prices of tampons also change. In fact, in the new green pass decree, the Government extends the pharmacies that will have to bring controlled prices for the tests. These remain free for those who cannot get vaccinated due to health problems; it comes down to 8,00€ for minors, 15,00€ for everyone else.

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