Italian Cup of Excellence LIVE: Pro Dronero-Pinerolo ends 3-0. RELIVE LIVE –

Italian Cup of Excellence LIVE: Pro Dronero-Pinerolo ends 3-0. RELIVE LIVE –
Italian Cup of Excellence LIVE: Pro Dronero-Pinerolo ends 3-0. RELIVE LIVE –

Last day of the triangular Italian Cup of Excellence that includes Moretta, Pinerolo and Pro Dronero. The Pro Dronero hosts the Pinerolo at the Filippo Drago Stadium. FOLLOW THE LIVE OF PRO DRONERO-PINEROLO ON IDEAWEBTV



1 ‘- Let’s go! (20.31 hours)

3 ‘- Central percussion by Rastrelli who kicks from outside, Bonissoni rejects. On the countered winning tap-in but in an offside position

5 ′ – 3-4-3 for the Pro Dronero who lines up Rastrelli, De Peralta and Dutto in attack; same module for Pinerolo with the Sidella-Micelotta-Bosco trident

10 ‘- Always 0-0, balanced match so far

20 ‘- Pro opportunity: Dutto blows a ball on the right trocar and advances towards the area. A series of tackles and rebounds deliver the ball to Bertoglio’s feet who ends up in the area. The goalkeeper rejects again

24 ‘- Pinerolo responds: Micelotta flies on the counterattack, focuses on the right and kicks looking for the intersection. High ball, not by much

25 ‘- What a risk for the Pro! Lost ball in the postponement phase, Bosco takes advantage of it and overtakes a couple of opponents in the area but chokes the shot, also betrayed by the pitch.

26 ‘- Match that lights up: De Peralta on the restart reaches twenty meters and beats high

27 ‘- WARNINGS Campagna (Pi)

39 ‘- Isoardi’s cross from the left, De Peralta tries to fly by not finding the door

42 ‘- THE PRO UNLOCKS IT !! Bertoglio caught on the counterattack runs again to the right: razor burned in the area rejected by a defender a few steps from the goal. The outside tries to put it back in the middle, rebound that favors Rastrelli who bags in front of goal!

45 ‘- INTERVAL! Pro Dronero-Pinerolo 1-0


46 ‘- Let’s start again! (9.30 pm)

49 ‘- WARNED Capomaggio (Pr)

51 ′ – Admonished Moracchiato (Pi)


56 ‘- In Pinerolo outside Sidella, inside Maio

63 ‘- Second yellow for Moracchiato !! PINEROLO IN 10

65 ‘- Everything happens! The Pinerolo protests for the knockdown in the area of ​​Micelotta. At the resumption of the game, great action on the left axis, with De Peralta’s heel that frees the rushing Isoardi in the area: winning low shot, 2-0!

70 ‘- In Pinerolo inside Del Buono, outside Dedominici

75 ‘- Outside Nicola Rastrelli, inside Pietro Rastrelli in the Pro

79 ‘- Thrill for the Pro: ball dished in the area, a rebound favors Picotto who, a few steps from the door, fails to direct in the mirror

81 ‘- Outside Picotto, inside Ciliberto in Pinerolo

82 ‘- The Pro Dronero closes it! Mess of the host defense in the setting phase, with Dutto who can kick from the edge: full crossbar, on the rejected De Peralta finds coordination on the fly and bags.

83 ‘- In the Pro outside Toscano, inside Sow

87 ‘- Micelotta tries, blocks Rosano

89 ′ – WARNING Ciliberto (Pi)

90 ‘- 4’ of recovery

94 ‘- IT ENDS HERE !! Pro Dronero beats Pinerolo 3-0 and passes the turn!

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