Mandatory green pass at work, masks and distances remain in the offices. More appearances in the PA

Mandatory green pass at work, masks and distances remain in the offices. More appearances in the PA
Mandatory green pass at work, masks and distances remain in the offices. More appearances in the PA

The green pass it is only the first step in the return to normality in the world of work. Vaccine e tampons will allow workers to travel to the workplace in greater security. For now, moreover, the security protocols signed by the labor unions with employers. In short, in the office and in the factory, it will be necessary to continue wearing masks, to guarantee the safety distance of one meter, to sanitize the rooms, to take the temperature at the entrance.

Green pass, full text of the decree in Pdf

In the offices, masks and distances remain

Obligations to which new ones will be added, such as the punctual or sample control of the green pass by employers. On the contrary, the decree provides that not only the employee who presents himself in the office without a green certificate will be punished, but the employer who has not verified that he has it will also be prosecuted.


The other question is what will happen to the workers in smart working. Will there be a mass return? The security protocols in force today give the indication to use shifts and to keep working remotely when it is possible to do so. In short, for a massive return to the offices, it will be somehow necessary to update the security protocols in light of the introduction of the mandatory green pass. Therefore, as soon as the decree adopted yesterday by the government is published in the Official Gazette, unions and Confindustria are likely to meet to discuss the issue. This is one way, also hoped for by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. The other is a regulatory intervention, which could also be possible, as Orlando himself confirmed.


A separate discussion, however, applies to the public sector. In this case, the intention of the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, is to speed up as much as possible the times for the return to the office of the state officials. Even in the public sector, as in the private sector, smart working is linked to the state of emergency which expires on December 31st. The regulations currently state that, until the end of the year, smart working is the “ordinary” way of working. Unlike the private sector, however, to bring forward the expiration of this “emergency” period, a decree of the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister for the Civil Service will suffice. This will be precisely the next step that Brunetta will take to bring public employees back in attendance. The decree will bring the hands backwards, establishing that the one in presence is the “ordinary” way of working. Agile work will remain as a residual tool and will be regulated by the new employment contract that the government, through Aran, and the unions are negotiating. Agile work will be “hybrid”, that is, it will not only be remotely but must also include days of presence. This is also why Minister Brunetta asked for the extension of the green pass to remote workers as well. An indication that will be included within the guidelines of the ministry to accompany the public sector from remote to face-to-face work.


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