Flood World Milan | News

Flood World Milan | News
Flood World Milan | News

According to reports, 10 trapped people were rescued. Another 20 people were evacuated from the loading area of ​​Malpensa airport. In social media videos, you can see submerged cars at airports.

Emergency teams can also be seen using rubber boats to evacuate people.

The Italian Civil Protection has issued weather warnings for 11 regions.

They warned of the possibility of heavy rain and hail.

They said adverse conditions will continue on Friday.

Two people were trapped in the basement due to heavy rain, local sources said.

Yalc Aydun said on Twitter: “The road leading to the Malpenza T1 station and the Sheraton has been submerged.”

Flights were reportedly diverted from the airport this evening.

Fly Malpensa On social networks only five planes fly to Milan in Europe.

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These cities have been hit by landslides and floods due to the extreme climate in northern Italy.

A landslide in Priyano, on the west bank of the lake, left up to 50 people stranded in their homes.

The Goldretti agricultural lobby says the extreme climate has intensified in recent years:With the proliferation of global warming and extreme events, we are addressing the effects of climate change in Italy.

Like many parts of Europe, Italy was hit by severe fires during the summer.

The heat in Italy recorded the highest temperature in European history.

Syracuse in Sicily recorded a high of 48.8 ° C during the summer, according to meteorologists.

Italy has declared a national emergency due to the heat wave and fires.

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