Ruby ter, Berlusconi: “Process ahead without me, psychiatric report damages my history and my honor”. Judges set new hearing

Ruby ter, Berlusconi: “Process ahead without me, psychiatric report damages my history and my honor”. Judges set new hearing
Ruby ter, Berlusconi: “Process ahead without me, psychiatric report damages my history and my honor”. Judges set new hearing

For Silvio Berlusconi, the decision of the Milan judges in the Ruby ter case to submit him to an “unlimited psychiatric examination” is “detrimental to my history and my integrity”, as well as an “obvious prejudice towards me”. The former prime minister writes this in a statement filed with the president of the college, explaining that “I cannot therefore accept this decision” and stating that “we proceed, therefore, in my absence to the celebration of a process” which he defines as “unfair”. After the declaration of the former prime minister, the medical examination on the health conditions of Silvio Berlusconi, which had already been arranged and had not yet begun, will no longer be done. In fact, the conditions for which the judges of the seventh criminal had decided it, that is the legitimate impediment presented on 8 September, have failed. Now the college will have to set a new ‘close’ hearing to go ahead with the hearing instead of the ‘distant’ one on November 17, in which the appraisal should have been discussed, after the filing.

Ruby Ter, Silvio Berlusconi’s health report: three doctors to determine if he can participate in the trial

by Sandro De Riccardis

September 15, 2021

“I learned that during the last hearing held on September 15, 2021 – Berlusconi writes in the letter – the college you presided over decided to have an expert opinion on me to establish whether it is actually my inability to participate in the trial. The decision appears surprising for several reasons “.

“First of all, the medical reports filed reached the same conclusions – he adds – that had induced this Court to postpone the hearings several times. In particular, it should be remembered that the same Public Prosecutor’s Office, on 19 and 28 May 2021, requested the removal of my position sharing the validity of the medical reasons. That same Prosecutor’s Office during the hearing of 8 September, with tones and ways that are truly unacceptable towards me and the doctors who have visited me many times, asked to disregard the same conclusions and proceed beyond”.

Coroner, psychiatrist and cardiologist: who will decide if Berlusconi can finish the Ruby Ter trial

“Despite the persistence of his current state of defedation”, that is, of deterioration, Silvio Berlusconi “agrees, despite himself, to the continuation of the trial in his absence”. And this is because “once he had learned the content of the expert question ordered by the Court and, in particular, the extent of the investigations, including psychiatric ones, he considered, quite understandably, the same unacceptable”. The lawyer Federico Cecconi writes it, clarifying that “it is, inevitably, a decision that risks constituting a serious vulnus for his defense, in a particularly delicate moment of the trial”.

“The decision to submit Silvio Berlusconi to a psychiatric examination is beyond any logic and therefore unacceptable. Also because only the hypothesis of an examination of this kind contributes to a distortion of reality and above all represents a profound offense to a statesman , to a political leader who led Italy for decades after being a great captain of industry and a great sportsman “. This was stated by the coordinator of Fi, Antonio Tajani, commenting on the decision of the magistrates of the seventh Criminal Section of the Court of Milan. “Well, therefore, Berlusconi is right to reject such a choice by the Court of Milan which is trying him for facts that occurred in another proceeding in which he was acquitted with a definitive sentence. I am sure that once again there will be recognition of the correctness of his All Forza Italia is at his side and will strengthen its commitment to defeat Covid, to ensure stability and the implementation of all the reforms necessary for our country “, concludes Tajani.

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