Mandatory green pass also for parliamentarians

Mandatory green pass also for parliamentarians
Mandatory green pass also for parliamentarians

Mandatory green pass also for deputies and senators as well as for regional councilors and all other elected offices. This is what is learned from majority sources at the end of the control room at Palazzo Chigi. The only exception would have been provided for three constitutional bodies which would be given a mandate to self-regulate, however adapting to the obligation.

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As happened in the past for the obligation to wear a mask, the Chamber is ready to adapt to the new anti Covid measures that the CDM is preparing to launch today.

From mid-October, therefore, as foreseen by the new government provision, every deputy who wants to enter the Montecitorio building will be obliged to show the green anti Covid 19 certificate. Until now, the green pass was already required to access common services, such as exhibitions, competitions and the Montecitorio canteen, as established by previous government decrees.

” We will immediately get to work as soon as we become aware of the details of the government’s provision, so that the same rules on the green pass, which apply to all citizens, are also applied to enter Parliament “, the Forza deputy told Adnkronos Italy, Gregorio Fontana, senior quaestor of Montecitorio.

“The measures that the government has adopted for the management of the pandemic have, up to now, been implemented by the Chamber in compliance with its constitutional autonomy. From August 6, in fact, the green pass is mandatory for all deputies both in catering spaces and in other places such as the library. Once again, within the limits and respecting parliamentary prerogatives, we will evaluate future measures and their application in Montecitorio “, comments Francesco D’Uva, deputy M5S and commissioner of Montecitorio.

The Senate is also ready to do its part: “The rules that apply to all citizens clearly also apply to us … ”, highlights the senior Senate commissioner and president of the UDC, Antonio De Poli. ” As soon as we know in detail the measure passed by the CDM, we will get to work and the Senate too – De Poli assures us – will adapt to the government’s instructions according to the times and methods envisaged. Each decision will be shared with the group leaders of the various political forces and the Council. Presidency of the Senate. So we will be equal to all citizens ”.

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