Weather forecast: storm over Italy. Thunderstorms and hail, how long the bad weather will last

Weather forecast: storm over Italy. Thunderstorms and hail, how long the bad weather will last
Weather forecast: storm over Italy. Thunderstorms and hail, how long the bad weather will last

All confirmed, unfortunately. The forecast of tomorrow, Friday 17th September, leave no way out and announce one rainy day over much of Italy, due to a forehead depression already active in these hours. But that’s not all: one is expected to arrive over the weekend second disturbance which will bring with it another trail of downpours, especially in the northern regions.

The team writes that on Friday our country will pay for “the aftermath of the passage of a first cyclonic vortex, filled with unstable air and gradually moving towards the east”. Several will follow rains and thunderstorms mainly borne by Triveneto, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Lazio, as well as minimally also of Campania. On the remaining regions the time will be maintained instead drier and sunnier, net of a cloudy sky over the lower Adriatic.

In weekend a sort of “relay between perturbed phases” will occur, due to the advance of yet another Atlantic impulse, which will replace the previous one. This is also confirmed by 3BMeteo, which for Saturday 18 September speaks of an unstable day already in the morning on the “central-west Alps and Levante Ligure”, and characterized by subsequent worsening on “North-west, Lombardy, central-west Emilia, with rains and thunderstorms encroaching on part of the Veneto in the evening”. Sunday 19th September, the experts continue, new showers will insist on “east Piedmont, Levante Ligure, west Emilia, Lombardy and during the day also on the Triveneto”, in the presence of hailstorms and thunderstorms of strong intensity. However, just at the end of the weekend the bad weather will tend to thin out, giving away clearings starting from the western sectors. On the contrary, the situation will continue overall quiet in the Center South, except for Tuscany.

The detailed forecasts for Friday 17 September

Rains and thunderstorms in the morning on Lombardy and Liguria di Levante, in subsequent exhaustion. Sunny on average in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures: 24 ° in Genoa, 26 ° in Turin and Milan.

Bad weather spread throughout the North East, with more frequent thunderstorms in Triveneto and Romagna. More openings in the afternoon, except for residual showers in the Alps. Maximum temperatures: 29 ° in Bolzano, 27 ° in Bologna, 24 ° in Venice.

Center and Sardinia
Unstable weather with thunderstorms in the morning over Tuscany and Lazio (here cleared in the afternoon). In the second half of the day it also worsens in Umbria and Marche. Maximum temperatures: 30 ° in Cagliari, 22 ° in Florence, 28 ° in Rome.

South and Isole
Irregularly cloudy skies over Puglia and some sporadic thunderstorms in Campania. For the rest general conditions of good weather and summer climate. Maximum temperatures: 28 ° in Naples, 33 ° Bari, 32 ° in Palermo.

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