stolen by copper thieves. The 122 children stay at home-

stolen by copper thieves. The 122 children stay at home-
stolen by copper thieves. The 122 children stay at home-

Home from school, because of the copper thieves. The 122 little pupils of the kindergarten municipal of via Meleri in Milan, Forlanini district, are due today stay at home, because a gang of thieves has dismantled and taken away a large part of the copper roof of the building. Probably, the thefts had been going on for a few days, but the discovery, by the municipal offices, took place only on Wednesday, in the late afternoon. On site, from Thursday morning, the construction company appointed by the school building department. It will shortly be communicated to families when the children can return to school. According to the initial findings, the thieves managed to take away about 100 square meters of copper, or a third of the roof. Finding some copper pieces in the courtyard, the school staff became suspicious and sounded the alarm. The inspection on the roof made it possible to discover the theft. On Thursday, the children stayed at home and the workers are putting in a waterproof cover to allow them to return to the classroom. Waiting for a decisive intervention that – from the first findings – could cost around 70 thousand euros.

The emergency

The phenomenon of copper theft that has become a real emergency over the years, so much so that in 2013 the government set up an ad hoc national observatory which includes, in addition to the police and the Customs Agency, some of the companies most exposed to the phenomenon of theft (FS Italiane, Telecom Italia, Enel , etc). The thefts of gutters and furniture in cemeteries are often added to the raids of tracks and electric cables. And, more rarely, too the shots in schools. The only precedent, in Milan, in 2014: at that time the thieves had removed 400 square meters of copper roofing from the roof of the Pier Capponi school, in Lorenteggio. They had been discovered because they had set aside some of the stolen goods in a corner to return for it.

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