decree to continue to open the country

decree to continue to open the country
decree to continue to open the country

The decree extending the mandatory green pass to all workers – public and private – is necessary to continue opening the country. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this, according to government sources, during the Council of Ministers which approved the new measures.

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Hope: “Green pass tool of freedom”

Concept then reiterated by the same Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the press conference following the meeting of the council of ministers: “This decree is a very important piece in the Covid containment strategy, it is aimed at the vaccine as a fundamental key. We extend with this decree the use of the green pass to the whole world of public and private work for two fundamental reasons: to make these places safer, because the green pass is an instrument of freedom, and to make our vaccination campaign even stronger, which has ever-increasing numbers encouraging, ”said Hope.

“With the approved decree – continued the minister – we will also make the network of active pharmacies more widespread and capable of administering swabs and rapid antigen tests. I also want to remind you that the decree provides free antigen tests only for people exempt from the” vaccine “for reasons health, in accordance with the circular already issued by the Ministry of Health “.

“We are convinced – Speranza remarked – that this decree can help to give a further boost to this restart phase. We come from a summer with very limited and limited limitations, with this further push we can create the conditions to better manage the months that they will come and help Italy in this important restart phase “.

Brunetta: “We want to speed up vaccinations”

“Let’s touch the whole world of work, public and private, the latter dependent and self-employed: in total, 23 million workers. It is all the human capital of the country that is largely already vaccinated and equipped with a green pass” , said the minister for simplification and public administration, Renato Brunetta.

“With this measure – he continued – we want to accelerate the physiological dynamics of vaccinations which every day provides for 200-250 thousand new vaccinates per day and which in the middle of next month should bring us over 81-82% of vaccinated: it is not enough yet for the Social immunity. This provision, which has an extremely extensive scope, comes into force on October 15. These 4 weeks are not only for the preparation of the mechanisms but also for a huge announcement effect: vaccinate. ‘social immunity “could be achieved when the decree comes into force”.

“Why such a hurry? Because autumn begins and the circulation of the virus increases, as the probability that variants capable of piercing the vaccine increases: this is why the decree”, explained Brunetta, who referred to the school model, where the green pass is already adopted: “Everything worked in the school, which is the most complicated place. The school set an example and we applied the same model to public and private work”.

Then, praise to the premier: “We must be grateful to President Draghi who never let go and always kept the bar straight on the extension of the green pass”.

Gelmini: “Tampons at 8 euros for minors and 15 euros for adults”

“The price of the tampons is 8 euros for minors, 15 euros for adults and free tampons for those who cannot get vaccinated due to health problems”, explained the minister for regional affairs and autonomies, Mariastella Gelmini. “The validity of molecular swabs for 72 hours” is part of the “path” that aims to meet Italian families.

Orlando: “Sanction must not affect the workplace”

“The penalties linked to the non-use of the green pass must not be linked or linked to paths that lead to dismissal”, specified the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando.

“The sanction is suspension, which must not jeopardize the workplace: when the emergency is over, this mechanism will be reset – he explained -. The economic recovery still has elements of fragility, we cannot afford an autumn with the recovery. of the virus and new restrictions. The decree is also an economic policy measure. We want people to get vaccinated, we stop before the vaccination obligation which would lead to a further polarization of positions in the field. The decree says that to go to work is green pass required “.

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