“In politics always the same …” – Libero Quotidiano

“In politics always the same …” – Libero Quotidiano
“In politics always the same …” – Libero Quotidiano

“Fries”, Vittorio Feltri. The founder of Libero is a guest of Myrta Merlino a The air that pulls, on La7, and in connection with the editorial staff he listens to the now classic chat about Coronavirus, vaccines, no vax and Green pass. More or less the same old story, which has been declined in various ways for an abundant year and a half. Italians infected by the virus, and Feltri infected by certain Italians. “These controversies irritate me very much – he begins, caustic as always, alarming Merlin who listens to him in silence -. Enough talk shows that talk about vaccines, like yours. I’m not afraid of the vaccine but I’m afraid of Covid. Do yours. nice cow and don’t break our soul anymore “.

The political line is clear: zero tolerance against those who only know how to protest, often by side and without any constructive spirit. “If you don’t get the vaccine, you die as well – urges Feltri, while Merlin listens to him with her eyes wide open at the vehemence of the director’s words – just don’t make me pay for the funeral! I would have charged for the vaccines too, let alone. There are Italians who spend 100 euros to go and see a bad football match at the stadium, let alone pay 20 euros for a vaccine. How many pal *** and these controversies! “.

“Don’t get the vaccine and die as well.” Felt show, watch the video

Since controversy calls controversy, from vaccines we often pass to insults even on TV. And the “health” freak sadly mirrors the political-media one. “33% chose the M5s – Feltri remembers with a hint of bitterness -, the political world has found itself displaced. Politics no longer fascinates anyone, only skirmishes. Salvini he made a government with the 5 Stars, then he went out and didn’t explain the reasons well. Spend a little more time and come back with 5 Star Movement with the addition of the historical opponent, the Pd. It is clear that the population no longer understands anything, they are confused “. And in support, the television theater:” Always with the same faces that I would punch, including mine “, concludes Feltri, making everyone smile.

Felt in L’aria che tira: “I would punch everyone, including me”. Watch the video

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