“We are the safest region in Italy: we look forward to Bern with serenity”

“We are the safest region in Italy: we look forward to Bern with serenity”
“We are the safest region in Italy: we look forward to Bern with serenity”

“Look, I’m not going into the merits of the decisions that the Federal Council will take. Like all rules, they have positive and other negative aspects without forgetting that it will also be important to take into account the epidemiological evolution. I can only tell you that, at present, Lombardy is the safest region in Italy and among the main ones in Europe, as over 80% of people are vaccinated. The campaign was effective and efficient. Not only that, we will soon introduce the Green Pass specifically to not close the activities. So we await the decisions of Bern with tranquility and aware of the efforts undertaken in the last year and a half ». The councilor for local authorities, mountains and small municipalities of the Lombardy Region Massimo Sertori dal Pirellone looks with serenity to the communications that will arrive tomorrow from the Federal Palace.

The reference is in particular to the proposal made by the Council of State (see yesterday’s CdT), namely that those who return to Ticino after shopping across the border will have to present the COVID pass. Guy Parmelin and colleagues will announce the new directives in less than 24 hours, after evaluating the requests received from the cantons. But it was inevitable that the topic would hold the ground even today, on the occasion of the assembly of the Regio Insubrica working community (which promotes cross-border cooperation between Italy and Switzerland in the lakes region) held at the Palacinema in Locarno in the presence of about one hundred delegates. For the occasion, the councilor of state Norman Gobbi, for the fourth time in ten years, took over the presidency of the assembly, taking over from Matteo Marnati, Piedmontese councilor.

The impact of the pandemic was inevitably the strong theme of the plenum. Especially considering that Lombardy was the continental epicenter of the health crisis and Ticino the Swiss one. The emergency, observed the director of the Department of Institutions, had in every way the merit of reiterating the “solid historical, economic and cultural ties of the cross-border region, highlighting the profound interdependence between our territories”. An interdependence that at times has however led to unilateral initiatives that are certainly not an expression of collaboration, Norman Gobbi recalled, such as “the 60-kilometer area of ​​free circulation straddling the border still reaffirmed in the past few hours”, for example by mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa Massimo Mastromarino.

South of the Alps, the minister added, live 125,000 Italians. There are therefore innumerable “problems caused by the sudden restriction of mobility across the border, as regards concerns related to the labor market but not only”. Positive is the fact that in a period of profound uncertainty and tension, collaborations have not ceased. In this way the «mutual understanding of the numerous restrictive measures that the central governments issued, indeed, with little coordination and often forgetting the peculiarities of the border areas – was facilitated. I am thinking in particular of the always difficult and uncertain interpretation of the ministerial decrees that were submitted to us with alarming frequency ».

In reviewing the troubled 2020, it was impossible not to mention the signing of the agreement on the taxation of cross-border commuters. It was possible, the Lombard councilor Massimo Sertori recalled, first of all thanks to the intervention “of the president of the Region Attilio Fontana and the councilor of state Christian Vitta. I am confident that ratification will take place as planned by January 2023 ».

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