Helicopter in Tor Bella Monaca: who they arrested this morning

Helicopter in Tor Bella Monaca: who they arrested this morning
Helicopter in Tor Bella Monaca: who they arrested this morning

First the shots, then the response from the state. We are in Tor Bella Monaca where at dawn this morning a maxi blitz was triggered which involved hundreds of carabinieri and policemen who carried out numerous house searches. In fact, the inhabitants of via dell’Archeologia were awakened by the sound of a helicopter in the sky, where on 8 September two twenty-year-olds were injured after being hit by nine gunshots fired by a hitman, probably to kill them. A week later, the police response was triggered. The toll is two arrests and hundreds of doses of the drug seized.

The operation, taken at dawn, represents in particular a response by the state to the serious bloody events that took place in the neighborhood last week, when two men were shot and wounded.

During the blitz, the Carabinieri of the Frascati Group and of the Tor Bella Monaca Station together with the dog units and the Carabinieri helicopter grouping, carried out 15 searches against various persons of operational interest in the area. A man, found in possession of about 150 grams of cocaine, packaged in 271 single doses, ready for retail sale on the drug market was arrested. Three other people were reported to the local Prefecture for the possession of narcotics for personal use. The activity was also extended to an in-depth control of the common areas, usually used as logistical bases by the shopping plazas, such as cellars, cellars and lift shafts.

During the activity, which involved the use of over 150 operators of the local Mobile Squad of Rome, the Mobile I Department, the Crime Prevention Department and the Canine Unit, the State Police carried out 15 house searches and checked several cellars and garages, usually used as drug storage places.

During the aforementioned checks, a criminal offender was arrested for drug offenses, as he was found in possession of some doses of cocaine, as well as 170 euros, divided into small banknotes, as proceeds from the dealing activity. Furthermore, 3 blocks of hashish-type narcotic substance were found, cleverly hidden inside an elevator of a stable site in via dell’Archeologia, for a total weight of 283 grams.

Checks and controls that are framed in the framework of the constant action to contrast, coordinated for years by the Public Prosecutor of Rome, District Anti-Mafia Directorate, to the illegal activities carried out in the South-East quadrant of the capital, characterized by a crescendo of criminal and of serious crimes attributable to conflicts and related settlements of accounts functional to the “conquest” of drug trading centers in that area.

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