with her man … red light discovery – Libero Quotidiano

with her man … red light discovery – Libero Quotidiano
with her man … red light discovery – Libero Quotidiano

In the arrest order signed by the investigating judge Francesca Scarlatti Don Francesco Spagnesi, two aspects seem clear: the 40-year-old priest not only consumed and financed the purchase of drugs, but it was he himself often “to go materially to find the drug”, and then “drug use was totally bordered on abuse and with his roommate he looked for a person on adult dating applications every seven to ten days, preferably homosexual and inclined to use drugs, to make her participate in these parties “, writes the Corriere della Sera. The priest then spontaneously makes his confession after the police catch his partner intent on withdrawing the rape drug imported from Holland. R.he realizes that they did things together in that house on the fifth floor of a building in Figline.

The descriptions bring out the profile of a drug addict rather than that of a drug dealer, a crime of which the former parish priest is accused together with his partner. Don Spagnesi “asked the guests for a small refund for petrol.” The diocese’s accountant reproached him on WhatsApp “for noticing huge shortages from the Curia’s current account and unjustified expenses including withdrawals from 40 thousand euros in just two months and payments at Pos for 75 thousand euros “,

In April the bishop revokes his power of signature for banking operations and Don Francesco begins to address the parishioners with personal messages. After a short time, unable to find the money he needed, he wrote to most of his followers acquaintances with the same intent.

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man red light discovery Libero Quotidiano

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