Murder Alessandra Zorzin, the alleged murderer’s father: “I knew they were dating”

Murder Alessandra Zorzin, the alleged murderer’s father: “I knew they were dating”
Murder Alessandra Zorzin, the alleged murderer’s father: “I knew they were dating”

It is 9:57 pm of an evening that changes the life of the Turrin family forever. At number 18 in via don Lorenzo Milani in Vigodarzere (Padua) the dark car park is suddenly illuminated by a blue flashing light. It is the car from which three carabinieri get off to communicate to Mr. Adriano what a father should not and would never want to hear. The death of the son. Marco Turrin, a 39-year-old security guard, committed suicide after killing his 21-year-old mother Alessandra Zorzin, 21, mother of a 2-year-old girl, in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) with a gunshot. Three soldiers get out, mask and gloomy eyes, and then ring the bell. “Carabinieri, we should go in.” Waiting for them is an elderly father in tears, upset, who has already understood everything. They must formally give the news of Marco’s death to him and ask him what may have been triggered in his son’s head. It will be a very long thirty-five minutes, while in the courtyard of the condominium a small group of neighbors gathers without needing to speak. Head down, dogs on a leash and many unanswered questions.


«We are destroyed and I also ask forgiveness from the other family – said Adriano Turrin – My son was a quiet boy, he worked at Civis and in the morning he left the house washed and perfumed as usual. He showed no signs of nervousness. He had been dating this girl for several months, at least six or seven. We knew it and it was no mystery. She did not come here to her home in Vigodarzere but we knew well of the existence of this girl and when I read about the tragedy on the internet I immediately made the connection with my son ».

Silence has taken hold of the Vigodarzere district already at eight in the evening, when the news of the Montecchio Maggiore tragedy now bounces on all the websites and news programs. In the large condominium in Via Don Milani, where Turrin lives with his father Adriano and his sister, the neighbors do not rest and leave the house to share their dismay.

A friend of the Turrin family is forced to answer at the intercom. She is the one who protects a father torn by grief. “This is not the time, this is not the time,” he repeats without wanting to add anything else in the face of such a terrible and sudden event.

A few words, but filled with anguish, instead a middle-aged man pulls out and takes the dog for a walk at ten in the evening. «Marco I have seen him grow up since he was a child, he has always been a kind and calm person. He came back to live here after a few years out, it’s a huge pain for us too ».
«I knew that Marco was a security guard – says a former carabiniere, hugging his partner to reassure her – He loved his job and was always calm and kind with us. I always see his father with the little dog too, there are really no words ».

At around 8.30 pm Marco Turrin took his own life, shooting himself with the gun he had used to commit the crime. The attention of the carabinieri immediately focused on the man, who had acquired numerous clues from him from the very beginning.
The search for the suspect was immediately started, and in the meantime he had lost track of him. During the day his passage by car in the province of Vicenza had been identified several times, but also in the Veronese area and in Emilia Romagna, without however that the numerous patrols were able to intercept him.
In the evening, the car was detected in the Creazzo area, in the Vicenza area. Soon the car was intercepted in the Vicenza Ovest area by carabinieri and police. At that point Turrin collapsed, seeing and patrols, feeling trapped by now, shot himself. Immediately rescue, despite attempts at resuscitation of health personnel, he died shortly after.

This is the news, now many questions remain. Already in the night the carabinieri began looking for answers.

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