Fines for those who go to work without a green pass

Fines for those who go to work without a green pass
Fines for those who go to work without a green pass

The text of the new decree extending the green pass obligation: fines of up to 1500 euros

The green pass will be mandatory to enter the workplace from 15 October and the government plans to introduce specific penalties for those who do not respect the obligation and also for employers who do not verify the validity of the certificate. After the control room of the government majority and waiting for the council of ministers to stamp the new green pass decree, the first indications on the rules that will be introduced by the government filter out.

Green pass, the multe

First of all, for public workers, the government provides for a differentiation: those who declare that they do not have the green pass to access the workplace will be suspended from work. While those who evade the control will be subjected to disciplinary and pecuniary sanctions depending on the administration. In short, the fines will be applied to state workers.

For the private sector it will be the companies that will have to take charge of the control at the entrance to the workplace and it will be up to the companies themselves to do it and subsequently evaluate which initiatives to take. Penalties are instead foreseen for entrepreneurs who will not check the certificate of their employees.

The new provisions equate public and private workers to those of the school and provide for the suspension of salary after 5 days for workers who do not adapt: ​​so let’s review in summary what changes:

  • The new decree in force since 15 October;
  • mandatory green pass for state and private sector workers;
  • suspension from work for state employees;
  • fines for those who evade controls and for employers who do not enforce rules;
  • the obligation of a green pass to access workplaces in the private world will also be extended to voluntary and comparable activities.
  • Pharmacies will have to submit the tampons at a controlled price

Tampons won’t be free

The green pass obligation also extended to parliamentarians


Fines work green pass

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