she is a woman but she is not a feminist

Thursday 16 September 2021 – 16:21

Rome, Caudo responds to Raggi: she is a woman but she is not a feminist

“The women of Rome have noticed”

Rome, 16 Sept. (askanews) – “Being a woman is not enough to be a feminist, the women of Rome have noticed. ‘Feminist’ is a posture that should primarily concern males. If, then, you have opened a House of Rights and Differences dedicated to gender policies and you have signed, as President of the Municipality, a protocol with all those involved in the fight against gender violence, following the example of many other cities while Rome, led by a woman, did not, it is understood that the mayor Raggi is a woman but she is not a feminist ”. This is how Giovanni Caudo, leader of Roma Futura and president of the III Municipality, replies to the accusations made against him by the mayor Virginia Raggi regarding the choice of a male leader for ‘Roma Futura’ reported by some press notes.


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