“Those still work”, “fixed on marginal issues” – Libero Quotidiano

“Those still work”, “fixed on marginal issues” – Libero Quotidiano
“Those still work”, “fixed on marginal issues” – Libero Quotidiano

The first episode of Agreements and Disagreements it starts with a squabble. The one between Massimo Galli e Marco Travaglio. To begin the director of the Everyday occurrence, in the study on 9: “I want to see practically what happens if a few million people stay at home (referring to the extension of the obligation of the green pass ed) In hospitals there is an obligation and I think it is right but we have discovered that 60/62% of unvaccinated health personnel still work, they are all in their place. Simply because the aisles are garnished “.

Immediate reply from the head of infectious diseases of the Sacco hospital in Milan: “I must tell Travaglio that he too he has lost sight of what is important focusing on issues that are now marginal. This thing that you said about the health personnel, 60% of the unvaccinated, what is the percentage of the total? If it is a percentage that we put is 10%, his whole talk of non-substitutability must fall“.

Over here? Not at all: “They make them work – continues Galli -, because they have many good reasons not to get vaccinated because they are healed and are full of antibodies, this is a question that has never been dealt with as it should have been, and I remind you that in Italy there are 4.5 million and a half certain but probably 7/8 million people who have had the infection and many of these have the opportunity to document that you still have antibodies. The percentage of those who reinfect is very low because the immunity conferred by natural infection is very high. This interpretation of his that the sanitary ware are kept there because no one knows how to replace them, well there are serious problems in some areas, but in reality there are doctors who are retiring, and nothing has been done about this. “Words that leave no way out for a new reply from Travaglio who at that point prefers to remain silent.

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