“Because I can’t denigrate it”, big surprise – Libero Quotidiano

“Because I can’t denigrate it”, big surprise – Libero Quotidiano
“Because I can’t denigrate it”, big surprise – Libero Quotidiano

Surprise (up to a point): Vittorio Feltri defends Lucia Azzolina, guest of Myrta Merlino a The air that pulls on La7. The highly contested former Minister of Education in the Giallorossi government of Conte 2 at the time it had been overwhelmed by the emergency Coronavirus which had caught the Italian school completely unprepared. Changed the grill (in its place today there is Fabrizio Bianchi), the music always remains the same. “I have great esteem for Mr Azzolina, I cannot denigrate her – Feltri begins in connection, addressing the former minister directly -. Last year she was attacked for stupid reasons, the problems of the school did not depend on her. If anything, she had tried to fix things, they succeeded in part and in part not “.

School is the great sick man of the “Italy-system”, and healing it and putting it back on its feet is a titanic challenge. “Nobody ever succeeded – Feltri recalls -. For sixty years the Italian school has had very serious shortcomings, since it was established unified middle school a disaster has happened. In the early years there were not even teachers, university students were picked up absolutely unprepared and therefore there was a disqualification of the school from which we have never been able to go back “.

“When I, who am as old as the date, went to the middle school of the past, selective, we translated the De Bello Gallico from Latin in the eighth grade. Now they arrive at the fifth high school, it is the plastic demonstration that the school has decayed and the problem does not concern a minister, who can do more or less well, but starts from a situation of chaos, the school has been neglected and is still disconnected since world of work“.

“When a boy graduates – concludes the founder of Free – can’t find a job because he doesn’t know a job. It is not true that unemployment exists, there are places that we are unable to fill our children with because they have studied poorly. and it is not the fault of the teachers either, but of the disorganization. “Amen.

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