CSM Camera Showroom Milan in the spotlight at fashion week

CSM-CAMERA SHOWROOM MILAN is an autonomous, free, apolitical and independent association: a young reality, established in early January of this year, dedicated to all the most representative multi-brand showrooms in Milan in fashion and with a strong international vocation. A common vision of the future of commercial agencies is fundamental and will materialize through a series of events during the next one Milano Fashion Week donna, scheduled from 21 to 27 September.

All this will be possible thanks above all to the project that CSM-CAMERA SHOWROOM MILANO is carrying out together with CONFARTIGIANATO – which represents 90% of the entire textile-clothing supply chain in our country, excellence in know-how – and with the fundamental support ofICE agency he was born in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The decision of the most important multi-brand showrooms in Milan to join an association stems from a need and a need that the CSM Steering Committee has managed to make its own. This Steering Committee, which will constantly monitor the ideals, values ​​and statute of the new association, is composed of: Daniele Ghiselli, Elisa Gaito, Francesco Lubrano, Francesco Casile, Gigliola Maule e Mauro Galligari.

The new association of Milan showrooms was born with great projects and equally great ambitions, which are based on four fundamentals: Union, Autonomy, Digitization and Internationalization.

UNION: essential to be able to communicate the needs and requests of the category of Commercial Agents and Fashion Distributors.

AUTONOMY: a point of great importance, as only an association born free, autonomous and apolitical can fully reflect all the needs of the category.

DIGITIZATION: CSM wants to build and share digital tools among its members, digital tools. In the future, the sharing of a B2B PORTAL will also be envisaged.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: organizing promotions and major events abroad together will be made possible by the collaboration and memoranda of understanding, already existing today, between CONFARTIGIANATO and the CSM and ICE partners.

The events of the next women’s fashion week are mainly centered on two important activities:
ARTISANAL EVOLUTION: a format that we can consider a real “out of salon”, a real exhibition event conceived as a “traveling fair”, which will allow you to embark on a journey through the best of Made in Italy excellence. Each showroom associated with CSM, which has joined the initiative, will present its own brand, already associated in turn with CONFARTIGIANATO.

CSM MEETS SUSTAINABILITY: an event in attendance on the evening of Thursday 23 September, to present to the press and selected buyers the “certified as Eco-sustainable” brands, present in the showrooms associated with CAMERA SHOWROOM MILANO. Also this appointment will see the support of CONFARTIGIANATO MODA.

Fabio Pietrella, president of CONFARTIGIANATO MODA, underlines that “fashion has suffered the worst effects of the crisis: between January and November 2020, businesses lost € 16.9 billion in turnover and € 10.7 billion in exports”. «For this – he adds – we are intervening on various fronts, with the aim of relaunching the leading sector of Made in Italy in the world. Hence the ARTISANAL EVOLUTION project, aimed at offering a prestigious showcase to our small and medium-sized artisan businesses through the network of Milanese showrooms. I thank the ICE that has always supported us during the pandemic and supports us today in this new challenge ».

Gigliola Maule, president of CAMERA SHOWROOM MILANO, adds that “the collaboration between CAMERA SHOWROOM MILANO and CONFARTIGIANATO MODA was born in a natural way and above all it was cohesive by the great common vision, that of bringing artisan companies to the fore, which are the” flower all ” eyelet “of Italian creativity and know-how. CSM is grateful to CONFARTIGIANATO, ICE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the great synergy that has been created and which is certainly destined to give great results ».

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