new arrest for street murder

September 16, 2021 4:12 pm

The new ordinance concerns an accident on September 6: the young man was driving, the man who was in the car with him died in the impact

The investigations carried out by the police revealed that the man was traveling at a speed higher than the permitted limit. El Ketani was identified in the Sant’Orsola hospital in Bologna, where he was hospitalized due to the consequences of the accident that occurred on the highway 280. Initially
the Moroccan had been hospitalized in the Catanzaro hospital, which he had left, against the advice of the doctors, signing the discharge sheet. The investigations that led to the new arrest of El Ketani were conducted by the mobile squads of Catanzaro and Bologna and by the traffic police.

The previous

The man, resident in Gizzeria, in 2010 was driving a car that crashed into a group of ten cyclists who were traveling along an internal road of the Lametino, in the locality of Marinella in Sant’Eufemia. Eight of them died and two were injured. Even then, the tests revealed that the man was under the influence of drugs. For that episode he was sentenced to 8 years.

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