Rome 2021: Michetti meets the builders, “building sector fundamental”

Rome 2021: Michetti meets the builders, “building sector fundamental”
Rome 2021: Michetti meets the builders, “building sector fundamental”

The other candidates for mayor are expected in the national headquarters of Ance Roma in the next few days: Wednesday 22 September Carlo Calenda, Thursday 23 September Virginia Raggi, finally, Tuesday 28 September Roberto Gualtieri

“Our association yesterday inaugurated, with Enrico Michetti, a series of meetings with the candidates for mayor of Rome. An indispensable opportunity to initiate that necessary confrontation with those who will have to administer our city for the next five years “. So declares Nicolò Rebecchini, president of Ance Roma – Acer, after the event that was held yesterday afternoon in the national headquarters of Ance, with Enrico Michetti.

For Rebecchini: “We are not a sponsor of politics, as we are too often pointed out. We are a category of entrepreneurs, sometimes the victim of preconceptions, but through our work and our expertise we have shown that we are fundamental actors for the development of the territory. Every day we guarantee growth and incentivize employment, but above all we are a driving sector for the economy of the capital ”.

“We provide ideas and projects to share with whoever will become mayor. Administrative efficiency, urban decor, regeneration and infrastructures are our themes and do not exclusively concern our sector, but are part of everyday life and are the basis for a better quality of life ”, said the President of the Roman Constructors.

For the mayoral candidate, Enrico Michetti: “Construction is a fundamental sector of the Roman economy, of which it has been the locomotive for years. If construction restarts, Rome restarts and if the capital restarts the whole country restarts, even more so today in a period in which the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic has caused disasters to the Italian socio-economic fabric and the city in particular. To restart this sector, the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures is essential ». And he added: «In Berlin it takes two months to get a building permit. Four years in Rome. This inevitably holds back the economy and cuts the wings of entrepreneurs. If I become mayor, my first mission will be to speed up the bureaucratic process and modernize the administrative machine. We must start thinking in terms of planning, because without it we will always continue to chase emergencies. And we must have the courage to say yes to big events that bring new infrastructure. In this sense, the Jubilee of 2025 represents a great moment of faith, but also an extraordinary opportunity for development. In full compliance with the rules, the municipal administration must be an ally, not an enemy of the entrepreneurs, because if new works are made, they are done in the interest of the city, its productive class and the workers ».

Upcoming appointments with the other candidates: Wednesday 22 September with Carlo Calenda at 5 pm, Thursday 23 September with Virginia Raggi at 3.30 pm and finally, Tuesday 28 September with Roberto Gualtieri at 5 pm.


Rome Michetti meets builders building sector fundamental

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