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The government is working on a measure to tackle the rise in energy bills but the measures will not be on the table of the Council of Ministers today. This is what is learned from executive sources at the end of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s meeting with Ministers Roberto Cingolani and Daniele Franco. To intervene, the same sources explain, there is time until 30 September.

“Today we could not do anything nuclear, because we have a referendum that says no to the old technologies, and the new ones are not there yet”, the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani told Radio this morning too. on a topic, that of nuclear power, which is once again dividing the majority. The leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini has declared, in fact, in recent days, that he would also look favorably on a power plant in Lombardy. And, still on nuclear power, the minister added: “I haven’t changed my mind. I said that today there are 4 countries that are studying alternative energy sources, the 4th generation reactors. I said that these sources are not mature. , that we will probably understand in the next decade if they are convenient and safe. If this were to be verified, it would be important to understand if they can be used “.

As for alternative energies, Cingolani explained: “The most important thing is to accelerate the installation of renewables, so we can get rid of the cost of gas as quickly as possible”. Then he launched a sort of appeal: “We estimate that the Simplification Decree will take the days needed to authorize a renewable energy plant from 1200 days to about 1/5 (240 days, ed)”.

On the ‘expensive bill’, however, he observed: “The method of calculating energy bills must be rewritten,” “we are doing it in these hours”. Now “we need to mitigate the increase in the quarter, which exists all over the world, and 80% depends on the increase in gas. Then we need to set up a more structural intervention. how a bill is constructed, the calculation method must be rewritten. We are doing it in these hours “.


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Government work expensive bills rules today CDM Politics

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