What are the BEST GASTRONOMIES in Milan? Here is the PERFECT GUIDE (with MAP) for those who do not want to cook

What are the BEST GASTRONOMIES in Milan? Here is the PERFECT GUIDE (with MAP) for those who do not want to cook
What are the BEST GASTRONOMIES in Milan? Here is the PERFECT GUIDE (with MAP) for those who do not want to cook

Credits peck_milano – Peck

Here’s where to find the best gastronomic offer in the city.

What are the BEST GASTRONOMIES in Milan? Here is the PERFECT GUIDE (with MAP) for those who do not want to cook

# 1 Zoppi & Gallotti offers vacuum-cooked food and ready-to-go takeaway food

Credits zoppiegallotti IG – Zoppi e Gallotti

Born as a grocery store in 1940, the third management signed Zoppi & Gallotti brings since 1984 the best national and foreign gastronomic products. Among the specialties there are also rare cold cuts and cheeses and the butcher, as well as caviar, salmon and foie gras. For those with little time to cook there are vacuum-cooked food and ready-to-go takeaway food, as well as gastronomic novelties of its own creation and a selection of wines.

Street address: Via Cesare Battisti 2 and via Salvini 3

# 2 Gastronomy and charcuterie Civelli is famous for its home-made goose liver pate and canapés in jelly

Credits you.food IG – Gastronomia Civelli

The “Gastronomy and delicatessen Civelli” has been open in Milan since 1961, not far from Piazza del Duomo. The specialties are the home-made goose liver pate and the appetizer canapés in jelly, in addition to the first, second and desserts made in the internal laboratory. An unmissable must are the sandwiches filled at the moment, thanks to a Berkel slicer from 1932 that will perfectly cut the cured meats offered by the “house”.

Street address: Corso Italia 16

# 3 Giannasi, since 1967 the best spit-roasted chicken in Milan

Giannasi’s poultry shop in Piazza Buozzi

Giannasi it is one thing for all since 1967: the best spit-roasted chicken in Milan. This rotisserie in the Porta Romana area, precisely in Piazza Buozzi, cooking chickens for over 50 years with a mix of spices that makes them unique. Lproduct offering it is progressively enriched with beef and pork, in addition to raw meats, fried, first courses such as lasagna, parmigiana, timbale, risotto of all kinds. Dorando Giannasi, the historic owner, is now an institution in Milan as evidenced by the achievement of the Ambrogino d’oro in 2010.

Street address: Piazza Buozzi 2

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# 4 Rossi & Grassi Salumieri offers specialties of the Milanese and Italian gastronomic tradition, with some exotic touches

Credits janjarang IG – Reds and Fats

Rossi & Grassi Salumieri is the Milanese gastronomy par excellence in Brera. Present since 1971, it offers specialties of the Milanese and Italian gastronomic tradition, with some splash of exotic. Salami and sausages from all Italian regions are among the leading products. In addition to a series of gastronomic products packaged under the Rossi & Grassi brand there are also Italian and foreign cheeses, fresh pasta, desserts and ready meals.

Street address: Via Ponte Vetero 4 and via Solferino 12

# 5 The Nuovo Principe with its historical specialties: truffles, porcini mushrooms, caviar, foie gras

Credits il_nuovo_principe IG – The New Prince

The New Prince, born in via Turati 38, is a family-run gastronomy open since 1973. Truffles, porcini mushrooms, caviar and foie gras are some of the historical specialties but there is no shortage of classic gastronomic products such as veal with tuna sauce, paté in jelly, ready meals and a wide selection of cured meats, cheeses and preserves. A few years ago it moved to Corso Venezia 21.

Street address: Corso Venezia 21

# 6 Bonardi Piero’s gastronomy, the most famous for paella in Milan

Credits gastronomia_da_piero IG – Gastronomia da Piero

Opened in 1973 with the intention of offering specialties of Lombard and Piedmontese cuisine, the Bonardi’s gastronomy Piero is the most famous in Milan for paella, prepared every Sunday morning and considered the best in the city. Friday is the day where to find a wide assortment of fresh fish. For lovers of “artisan” wine are 300 the labels of biodynamic and organic wines.

Street address: Viale Umbria 27

# 7 Peck, the temple of Milanese gastronomic luxury

Credits peck_milano – Peck

In the center we find Peck, the temple of Milanese gastronomic luxury open for almost 140 years. This gastronomy has been feeding generations of Milanese since 1883 with Russian salad, pate, jelly canapés and various appetizers, in addition to cured meats, fI love the bresaola they produce. They can still be tasted cheeses, fresh pasta, meats, vegetables and ready meals, also offered in summer in a picnic formula. To this have been added real restaurant and wine bar spaces. The historic location is no longer the only one, Peck has also opened in Citylife, in Porta Venezia and even in Forte dei Marmi.

Addresses: Duomo (Via Spadari 9), CityLife, Porta Venezia (via Salvini 3) and Forte dei Marmi

# 8 Pasta della Francesca, the treasures of Milanese gastronomy

Credits restaurantguru – Pasta della Francesca

Pasta della Francesca is one of the historic shops in via Piero della Francesca, in the Sempione area. In rotation every day there are the treasures of Milanese gastronomy: fresh pasta such as gnocchi and ravioli to cook at home, sauces, fish and meat main courses, side dishes, desserts. There are new menus every day and specialties inspired by Lombard cuisine. There are also some typical Milanese specialties such as sautéed rice, minestrone soup, pasta and beans and nervetti salad.

Street address: Via Piero della Francesca 20

# 9 Rosticceria Galli, the reference point of Corso Vercelli

Credits rosticceria_galli IG – Rosticceria Galli

The Galli rotisserie is a point of reference in one of the historic Milanese shopping streets, course Vercelli. Here I’m since 1949 it is the ideal gastronomy to buy an arancino between a tour of shops and the other, a paella before the cinema, appetizers, pates, desserts. Here you can also find spit-roasted chicken, turkey and stuffed capon and of course the legendary Milanese artisan panettone.

Street address: Corso Vercelli 8

# 10 Gastronomy Giacomo, a true gastronomic institution

Credits giacomo_milano – Giacomo Milano 1

Giacomo Gastronomy, a local of the empire of the same name which is in Milan a true gastronomic institution, is grocery, delicatessen, dairy. You can find cured meats, cheeses, pasta, oil, with particular attention to small artisan producers. In proposal of ready meals stand out chicken allo spiego, eggplant parmigiana, lasagna and roasts.

Street address: Via Sottocorno 3

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