Dad immediately returns to schools (with the new rules) –

Dad immediately returns to schools (with the new rules) –
Dad immediately returns to schools (with the new rules) –

Not even time to get used to sitting in the desks again and they have already been quarantined. A few days after the first bell was triggered, distance learning for 37 classi, about a thousand students out of 500 thousand of the provinces of Milan and Lodi. The procedure now known: a positive companion, the start of the health process, the stop to lessons in the presence to avoid the enlargement of the outbreaks. Quarantines concern large and small. They range from infant-toddler centers to preschools, reopened in Milan from 3 September. Here the absence of masks allows the virus to circulate more easily. Also involved are the primary, middle and high schools who largely resumed their activities last Monday.

The first balance of school infections falls into theCarlo Porta hotel institute, where the lessons started again on 9 September. A class from yesterday switched to online teaching. A case of suspected Covid occurred among the pupils, which was then confirmed by the swab. As usual, the principal Rossana Di Gennaro he alerted the families and ordered the remote lessons to be started. The quarantine follows the rules established by the latest government decree. The mates of the positive pupil are considered close contacts and therefore have to stay at home for a different period between vaccinated and non-immunized. Those who have already completed the course of anti-Covid injections for at least two weeks remain in quarantine for seven days and then undergoes a molecular or antigenic swab. If the result is negative, the student can return to attend the lessons face-to-face from the following day. For those who are not vaccinated the 10 day period. also in this case, a negative swab is expected to be able to return to the classroom. The test must be booked through your family doctor or pediatrician or is scheduled by Ats. On the site You can consult the list of buffer points, some of which drive-through. However, the quarantine ends after 14 days if the student cannot undergo the examination and if not involved in an outbreak with a beta variant of the virus.

The teachers they are not part of the close contacts and therefore do not have to respect the quarantine. Finally, different rules for the pupil who has contracted the infection: the confirmed case of Covid-19 returns to school after the negative outcome of the molecular swab performed on the tenth day from the appearance of the positivity or symptoms, which must be absent for at least three days. However, the rules prescribe the end of isolation after 21 days and a week without symptoms, even for patients who test positive for a long time.

The institute Brings one of the first to apply the new rules. The class is continuing the lessons remotely – explains the principal Di Gennaro -. Then, at some point, teaching will become “mixed”, given that the duration of the quarantine is different: we will have in the classroom for a few days only the vaccinated and the unvaccinated pupils connected remotely. Then all together again, at the end of the isolation. And he adds: We hope to have to resort to dad as little as possible, even if the autumn months are approaching and we know that some cases of positivity will occur: it is inevitable. But the closure of schools must absolutely be avoided: we hope that this year will not happen again. The regional Welfare Department and the Ats will also work to limit the inconvenience. The progress of the epidemic will be monitored with a weekly report. Particular attention will be paid to pupils under 12, for whom a vaccine is not yet available.

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Dad immediately returns schools rules Corriereit

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