Spin Time, the film about the occupied building in Santa Croce- Corriere.it

Spin Time, the film about the occupied building in Santa Croce- Corriere.it
Spin Time, the film about the occupied building in Santa Croce- Corriere.it

Spin Time is an occupied building in via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, home for more than four hundred people, theater, laboratory, tavern, carpentry, editorial office, political experiment and microcosm with the same dynamics of strength as a parliament. Spin Time. What an effort democracy is! the latest film by Sabina Guzzanti that brings inside the seventeen thousand square meters of a disused building in the center of Rome to meet the members of the one hundred and eighty indigent families who live in the former offices of INPDAP. Made headlines with the sensational act of civil disobedience of theAlmsgiver of the Pope, Cardinal Conrad Krajewski, who in 2019 reconnected the power by going down into the meter compartment and therefore paying three hundred thousand euros in the bill,the building is a precious example of coexistence in which, however, not everything runs smoothly, between assemblies, guard duty, precariousness, multi-ethnicity and economic problems.
It is not possible to rank the complexity – says the director who accompanied the film to the Venice Days 78 – certainly less complex to live at Spin Time than on the street where thousands of poor people are forced. Two Roman presentations with the presence of the director: Thursday 16 September, at 9 pm, at the Tibur cinema (via degli Etruschi 36), Saturday 25 September, at 9.30 pm, at the Cinema Farnese (piazza Campo d’Fiori 56).

Yet the title of the documentary exclaims the fatigue of the democratic practice that the occupation puts in place.
I think an advantage of the film is that of telling this experience without simplifying. It couldn’t all fit in an hour and a half, of course, but the complexity is there, and one thing we’re not used to today.

The film opens and closes with a group of children, a tenderness to which he has not often succumbed between cinema and theater.
The children here objectified, they are exactly like ours. When we become adults and grow up in poverty we become pushers, while as children we embody primary rights. In the film there is no debate on the legality of the occupation. The presence of children leads directly to a high reading plane.

Some scenes, such as those of the black-out, have been reconstructed, despite the fact that she was among the first artists who intervened in support of the occupants in those days of 2019.
They are the result of controlled improvisations. the path of research that I am following in cinema, creating stories of reality that are enjoyed as fiction because there is an empathic relationship with the characters.

Together with Christina Zoniuo, director and teacher of social theater in Greece, you have long worked with the inhabitants. Was it hard to win their trust?
I listened a lot, attended assembly hours and learned to know each other. I have to congratulate them once again, because they were very brave to get involved.

You say that a slogan to advertise Spin Time could be: The poor as you have never seen them. On the screen, his relationship with these families overcomes the prejudices we all carry.
It was shot in the pre-Covid era, and I think the film can serve the occupants as a reminder of how lively the building was, whose organizers strongly believe in the lineup. Furthermore, a film with a strong female component that is a push to see things in another way. The problems are the same, but elasticity allows us to overcome the egocentrisms that are at the origin of the failures of every battle.

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Spin Time film occupied building Santa Croce Corriereit

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