The fugitive with luxury cars and beautiful women who had managed to free himself after a first arrest

The fugitive with luxury cars and beautiful women who had managed to free himself after a first arrest
The fugitive with luxury cars and beautiful women who had managed to free himself after a first arrest

He didn’t lack money. The desire to live the good life either. And neither was luck, so much so that with an almost theatrical blow he had managed to continue his hiding that had just begun despite having ended up, literally, in the hands of the police. On Monday afternoon, however, unfortunately for him, not even the blindfolded Goddess saved him. Giuseppe Nacci, a 39-year-old Milanese, an entrepreneur active in the field of trading and disposal of metals, but above all an international fugitive from 2018, was arrested for an execution order for imprisonment issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Milan Court of Appeal for a final sentence of 11 years of imprisonment for the offenses of criminal association, bankruptcy, violation of the bankruptcy law and attempted extortion.

His escape, which began immediately after the final sentence, ended in an office in Corso Sempione in Milan, where the 39-year-old continued to work – in the same sector – in a company owned by others. The sad ending for Nacci – who boasted of having had famous flanks – came after three years spent as a ghost, but without sacrificing luxury.

The emblem is a 2018 check that took place in Monte Carlo, where – already as a fugitive – he was stopped aboard a white Lamborghini and wearing false documents. After revealing his true identity, the Italian authorities had requested his extradition, but due to bureaucratic quibbles everything had been blown up and Nacci had done the only thing possible: he had disappeared again.

Thus, for over three years he lived on spending the two million euros, and more, accumulated through a series of bankruptcies and unclear operations that involved his companies. Not just metal, though. Because the name of Nacci also ended up in investigations on organized crime in the North, with certified connections with the Flachi family, one of the most powerful ‘Ndrangheta clubs in Lombardy. He would have done business with them through night clubs in the center of Milan in an affair that had caused him to be accused of attempted extortion.

Always surrounded by beautiful women and luxury cars, but very careful to avoid cell phones and social networks, in recent months Nacci had returned to Lombardy and betrayed himself. The idea came from the soldiers of the Cusano Milanino station, the town where the fugitive grew up, and the rest were done by the men of the Catturandi. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, the carabinieri tightened the circle and on Monday blocked him while he was at work with designer clothes and a Rolex on his wrist. This time, escaping will be much more difficult.

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