“I moderated with Michetti, more cameras and lighting for security ”

“I moderated with Michetti, more cameras and lighting for security ”
“I moderated with Michetti, more cameras and lighting for security ”

Always “centrist” e “moderate“takes the field to lend a hand to Rome, his city: Domenico Rossi, general of the army and former undersecretary of defense in governments Renzi e Gentiloni, explains to Adnkronos the reasons that led him to run for the civic list in support of the candidate for mayor of the capital for the center-right Enrico Michetti. And focuses attention on two fundamental issues: the need for “one governance diversa“, redistributing” functions and tasks between the Municipality and individual municipalities “to give answers that are as” immediate and concrete as possible to citizens “, and safety also through “more video surveillance and lighting“.

“I was born as an expression of ‘Civic Choice’, which then was part of a government formed by center-left and center-right elements. I participated in the 2014 European elections with the New center-right of Alfano, I have always been a centrist, a moderate person”, he underlines Rossi. “I was born in the Monti district, I am a Roman and when you have the feeling that certain situations are not right in your city, it is natural to get involved for help your city“. The support for Michetti arises” from many assonances and from his way of thinking, always referring to the need to planning and reorganization to solve the problems“.

Here then is that among the problems of Rome there is the “mother of all battles: the redefinition of functions between the Municipality and individual Municipalities giving everyone the resources according to the tasks: the more we are able to delegate, the more citizens will be able to have concrete and immediate answers. “Then the theme of security:” We must aim – underlines the former undersecretary – at greater synergy of the police forces on the territory, including the reorganization of the municipal body“.

“We need to have a commitment from the police forces on the basis of a mapping of the points where legality is most deficient” and from this point of view, according to Rossi, they must help the “analyzes that are made by the Committee for order and safety “. “There video surveillance is one of the fundamental aspects to be increased as well as the lighting improvement of the whole city – he continues – and the better availability of police forces in the points where there is less legality and more dealing “.

“The Roman citizens have understood that a change is needed in the management of this city and in addressing the general problems of decay – observes Rossi – Without security there is not even social development. waste he was born in traffic they are there for all to see and must be addressed with planning “.

“In the various lists the support for Michetti is not only political, but also of the civil society – concludes – There are skills who can bring their experience not only in the name of transparency and honesty, but also in the name of problem solving. I am optimistic”.


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