Vicenza, 21 years old killed with a gunshot in Montecchio Maggiore. Murderer on the run: the victim knew him

Vicenza, 21 years old killed with a gunshot in Montecchio Maggiore. Murderer on the run: the victim knew him
Vicenza, 21 years old killed with a gunshot in Montecchio Maggiore. Murderer on the run: the victim knew him

A young woman – Alessandra Zorzin – was killed with a gunshot to the face in Montecchio Maggiore, in the Vicenza area, perhaps near his home. The victim is 21 years old, married and the mother of a girl of two. The killer is currently on the run. The murder occurred at Valdimolino, a fraction of Montecchio: to discover the body in the early afternoon, according to what has been learned, was the husband. The crime could date back to lunchtime. Witnesses saw a man – other than her husband – flee from the house who climbed into a black Y and fled after firing a few shots. According to what was ascertained by the Carabinieri, the girl had recently met the suspect: a 40-year-old man in possession of a gun for work reasons (it is assumed that he is a security guard), residing in the Padua area. He had been seen several times in the house. Neighbors reported that they first heard an argument and then a loud noise that made them suspicious.

The President of the Province of Vicenza Francesco Rucco also expresses himself on the matter, who also remembers the 31-year-old killed in Noventa Vicentina a few days ago: “Two young broken lives. It doesn’t matter what the motives are, because one thing is certain: the fault lies only with violent people who impose themselves by force ”. He stressed in a message sent to the mayors of the area: “We cannot, as public administrators, call ourselves out of what is happening. We have to react strongly ”. For Rucco it is necessary “to team up with the community to corner the violent, marginalize them, defeat them. Let’s do it together, let’s do it to remember who is no longer there and to protect those who live in situations of risk and fragility. Let’s do it for our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends ”. He also invites his fellow mayors “to put flags at half mast to reaffirm our firm condemnation against all forms of violence and as a commitment to concretely promote the culture of respect.” The comment of the Coordination of women of the CGIL of Vicenza: “We are preparing the torchlight procession for Rita and the news of Alessandra arrives. We have no more words in the face of this slaughter. We feel horror. As women. And as trade unionists. Why has it become so easy to end a woman’s life? What can be done better and more? Evidently, it is no longer possible to just express regret and anger, ”he said. “” The anti-violence centers must be supported throughout the province, together with the shelters where women and their children can be protected. Women must be helped to build autonomy and freedom, with a good job, to begin with; with functional and useful services for women and men. With a culture that must start with girls and boys. ”, He warns. “The violence of men against women must be stopped. The rest is silence. The silence of pain. ”, Concludes Marina Bergamin Head of gender policies for CGIL Vicenza. Also in the Vicenza area, a few days ago, another femicide. In Italy dall’early 2021 al September 5th I wasyou 76 femicides, 47 of them committed by partner o ex partner, according to the data of the weekly reports of Criminal Analysis Service of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police

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