suspected a friend by profession as a security guard

September 15, 2021 7:34 pm

It was her husband who triggered the alarm after discovering the body in the house. This is the second femicide in 5 days

Suspicions about a 40-year-old friend – It was the neighbors who gave many elements to the investigators. Alessandra Zorzin knew the man who later killed her, it was she who let him into the house. The killer, according to what was leaked from investigative sources, is a 40-year-old who has a gun for work reasons (the hypothesis is that he is a security guard) and lives in Padua. The same person who had been seen entering the house over and over again. Suddenly a fight breaks out between the two, the neighbors hear first screams and then a sharp noise that makes them suspicious. As the man drives off in his car (a black Lancia Y), he tries several times to ring the bell. But Alessandra doesn’t answer. At that point the neighbors decide to call her husband, who is having lunch at his parents’ house, and who rushes, turnkey, into the house. He is the one who finds his wife lying on the bed, now dead.

On social media, happy life with her baby girl – The victim, by profession hairdresser, she lived with her husband in the Vicenza area for a year and a half. Alessandra “Ale” Zorzin adored her two-year-old daughter and posted different photos of her every day. This is what her Facebook profile reveals, which opens on the cover, updated only three days ago, with the photo of her little daughter. A beautiful, blond and smiling girl whom her grandmother affectionately calls “my little woman”. Only a recent image portrays mother and daughter together: Alessandra is at the wheel of her car and her daughter is sitting on the seat in the back of the car.


suspected friend profession security guard

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