rules and fines (up to a thousand euros), driving

rules and fines (up to a thousand euros), driving
rules and fines (up to a thousand euros), driving

Soon the Green pass will be mandatory for all workers even if in all likelihood it will start with public employees. The final details will be finalized by tomorrow in view of the council of ministers which will pass a new decree.

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Green pass, we leave in mid-October

Important details remain to be resolved, such as the rules to be established for professional studies, but it is now clear that from mid-October all workers will have to have the vaccination certificate if they want to carry out the activity for which they are paid. In reality, the deadline for vaccination of RSA employees is already today set for 10 October and it is possible that the obligation of a Green pass for all or in any case for all public employees is brought forward to that date.

This is a limit in some way indicated by the health authorities who foresee an increase in cases of contagion with the reopening of schools and therefore intend to simultaneously raise the level of vaccinations to counter the spread of the virus.

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All public employees involved

In any case, starting from the date that will be announced tomorrow, the new decree will establish that workers in all public offices will not be able to enter the office without certification. The novelty was expected after the Minister of Public Administration had said that the smart working of public employees should be brought back below the 15% threshold. The obligation will concern all public sectors of all kinds and levels without exception. Therefore, judges and clerks will also have to be vaccinated even if it is not clear what defendants and witnesses will have to do during a trial.


In terms of smart working of public employees, it is important to underline that yesterday Aran, the agency that deals with the rules of public work with the trade unions, released the new draft of the regulation on agile work that obliges the worker to guarantee “full operation of the computer equipment “that he uses to work. The employee should undertake to adopt “all the necessary and appropriate precautions and measures to guarantee the utmost confidentiality on the data and information in the possession of the Entity that are handled by the worker himself”.

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Extension to those who work in restaurants

It seems obvious that a pass is also required for some private categories while waiting for a date that applies to all employees. Those who work in restaurants and bars will soon have to acquire a pass. Here, moreover, for access inside the structures, almost mandatory since October due to the temperatures, customers must already have the Certification. It is likely that a similar obligation will also be extended to train drivers and public bus drivers as well as taxi drivers.

The subject of controls

The checks will be entrusted to the heads of the departments or to the owners of private facilities, as already established in the decree that requires the vaccine to health personnel and the green pass to school personnel. In addition to fines ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros, anyone who fails to comply with the certification obligation will risk suspension from office and salary.

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