Radicali, Barilli: with Gualtieri for Rome, the capital of rights

Radicali, Barilli: with Gualtieri for Rome, the capital of rights
Radicali, Barilli: with Gualtieri for Rome, the capital of rights

Rome – Last night, at the headquarters of the Radicals, a discussion took place with the candidate for mayor Roberto Gualtieri on the issues that for the radical candidates for the municipal council and in the various municipalities are key points from which to start again to produce real change in this city .

Gualtieri thanked the radicals because “a progressive front without the radicals would not be conceivable. We have many issues that unite us, and when we were united we produced an advancement of rights, so you have a natural role in this democratic front which I believe is fundamental ”.

Gualtieri then spoke of some specific proposals such as the “mayor of the night” at the helm of a “council of the night”, as a coordination of all the social actors involved: “we want to have it because it is a model that exists in other large European cities and it works and the night is part of the life of a metropolis and must be regulated by getting out of the conflict, building spaces and places that are widespread and not concentrated only in some neighborhoods, always guaranteeing legality. But the purely security policy of curfews is counterproductive ”.

“Our battles in recent years had a common denominator: the awareness that this is a wonderful city, but suffocated by balances of power and position income that must be unhinged”, explained Simone Sapienza, radical candidate for the municipal council on the Roma Futura list. .

“A mayor who wants to reform this city, who wants to spend well the funds that will come from Europe, must face the blocks that suffocate Rome. Then there is the issue of rights: on this we radicals are doing incredible things in Italy with the referendum on euthanasia, the one on cannabis and the Free to Abortion campaign. “

“I ask the mayoral candidate to make it clear that on these civil issues Rome can become a leading city like Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. We can thrill the many young people who are queuing up today at the banquets of our referendums as it hasn’t happened for years: a lot depends on the courage to go beyond the hesitations of the Democratic Party, with radical choices and words ”. Another issue at the center of the discussion was institutional reform.

“This city with its huge municipalities cannot be governed without a ‘constituent council’ that goes beyond administrative decentralization and grants the municipalities greater skills and certain resources from the perspective of the metropolitan city. It is necessary to recover the democratic deficit of a metropolitan mayor not elected by all the citizens of the municipalities that compose it and at the same time strengthen the proximity bodies to offer quality services to citizens “, underlined Leone Barilli, secretary of Radicali Roma and leading candidate in the Roma Futura list at the first town hall.

“Waiting for institutional reforms now in the hands of Parliament, we must act ‘as if’ the municipalities already had the power that is lacking today to build a city closer to the citizens”, concluded Gualtieri.

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